Awkward Family Photos Founder Mike Bender's Story of Electrohypersensitivity

Written by Mike Bender, Founder of Awkward Family Photos


Introduction to My EMF Journey

I can still remember the day I first sensed “it”. My health had been declining for some time. I was 45 years old. I had received a Lyme diagnosis a few years earlier dating back to a childhood tick bite and had been living in a home that had “black mold” growing in the plenum of the air conditioning unit. The first thing to show signs of distress was my digestive system, then my immune system, and finally, the unraveling of my central nervous system. Lyme and mold are in many ways the dynamic duo… the Lyme inhibits the body’s ability to detoxify itself on a cellular level, the mycotoxins from the mold can pile up, and the brain interprets this as if it’s under attack. This creates a state of hypervigilance all too familiar for anyone with mold toxicity and that, my friends, is when the really weird shit starts to happen.

The Awakening: Recognizing the Unseen Enemy

At the time, I was married with two young children. We decided to move from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, hoping the move to a more serene setting would provide some hope of healing, but what we couldn’t anticipate was that the rental we were moving into had mold growing inside the walls. I began to react to everything…. my wife’s shampoo, the sounds of my kids’ voices, and yes, the thing I (and so many of us) rely on every day– my cell phone.

For years, doctors, family members, and friends had suggested my symptoms might be “in my head,” but when I started to sense my cell phone, I thought that I must be imagining it as well. It was just too surreal. This was the stuff of “those weirdos” wrapped in tin foil spouting conspiracy theories about 5G. So, I began conducting small controlled scientific experiments, where I’d have my kids turn the phone on and off of airplane mode. Each time, I could accurately predict when the phone’s cellular signal or Bluetooth was activated. So accurate in fact that my wife and kids started to believe in my new superpowers as well.

Living with Electrohypersensitivity

The best way to describe the feeling was like a whistling teapot coming to a boil… at first, some puffs of steam and then a mind-numbing blare. I ended up with pounding migraines, ringing in my ears, or the worst– acute panic attacks. And here’s the thing– it wasn’t just the phone. I noticed the same reactions from my electric car, the wireless modem, my electric cooktop, and my computer. I was experiencing what is known as electrohypersensitivity, a state in which the nervous system reacts to invisible electric frequencies. My brain was literally interpreting my phone as a bear chasing me down, sending me into a perpetual state of fight-or-flight.




Mike and his family ride in a Quiet Sprinter Van protected by Aires Tech, which he custom-built for them, alongside their Quiet House. For more insight on EMF in vehicles, check out our latest EMF and cars article.

We eventually got out of the rental and moved into a newly renovated home that I documented in an article for Men’s Health Magazine in February 2022 called “The Quiet House” (the article was viewed by millions and I’ve heard from hundreds of people all over the world experiencing similar challenges). My goal was to create the ultimate human-healthy living space that would allow me to heal, including remediation for EMFs. However, the one thing I still couldn’t avoid or remediate was my good ‘ol cell phone.

So, I began researching to find ways to mitigate this. The first thing I found were products that served as “blockers.” Cellphones and wireless put out a type of electromagnetic field known as Radio Frequency or RF. These phone cases essentially block the RF, but by blocking the RF, the phones will then increase their signal strength trying to find a better signal. If the products are positioned incorrectly, this can potentially expose people to much higher RF and thus, worse symptoms.

A Glimmer of Hope: Unveiling the Path to Resolution

Then one day, while on Instagram, I scrolled past a video for Aires Tech showing before and after brain scans being done by a prominent neuroscientist here in my hometown of Santa Barbara. While 99% of what I see on Instagram is usually a pass, this looked intriguing. I especially liked the concept that the device wasn’t a blocker, but a modulator of EMF. It simply took the chaotic and unorganized radiation from the cell phone and reorganized it so that the body stopped seeing it as an aggravation.


“If you’ve seen the character, Chuck McGill, on Better Call Saul, then you have a good idea of how electrohypersensitivity people have been portrayed. Well, I happen to be one of those people…It’s a real thing and is a function of a limbic system that has become impaired. The good news is there is now a really innovative solution. To put it simply, I went from “feeling” my phone to not “feeling” it just by attaching their <Aires Tech> device.” – Mike Bender on Instagram

I ordered Aires Tech’s Lifetune One device and curiously attached it to my phone, excited about my newest experiment. The first thing I noticed is that when I turned the cellular on with the Lifetune device, “the pot” didn’t start to boil. I had my kids turn the cellular signal on and off, and this time, I couldn’t tell if it was activated or not. I could actually hold the phone in my hand and make a call without the fight or flight response. When you have experienced the level of discomfort that I have, this can only be described as a miracle… you get a little bit of your freedom back. In fact, I was feeling so grateful that I reached out to Aires Tech to find out more about the product and share my success story with them.

Yes, Aires Tech is running a business, but for me and my family, they are also changing lives. I will admit – I do not use a cell phone anywhere as much as a normal person, but that is a choice I’ve decided to make to remain more present. But when I do need to use the phone, I feel totally safe knowing that the Lifetune technology is protecting me.

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Written by Mike Bender, Founder of Awkward Family Photos