A Champion’s Choice: Discover Why Tiki Barber Trusts Aires Tech for EMF Protection!

Championing every wellness journey, Tiki Barber, a recognized NFL Former All-Pro and NY Giants all-time leading running back, has always sought perfection, both on and off the field. His newest venture? Partnering with Aires Tech, a frontrunner in EMF protection, he is embarking on a mission to shield you and your loved ones from the invisible dangers of electromagnetic fields.

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Trusted by Tiki Barber

“Aires Tech’s groundbreaking technology mitigates the harmful effects of radiation by harmonizing these frequencies with our biological DNA. Their technology draws in the electromagnetic radiation, processes it, and then creates a wave that helps cancel out the harmful EMF. Live, work, and play with peace of mind from Aires Tech.”

The Hidden Challenge for Athletes/High-Performers: EMF Radiation & Athletic Recovery 

In the world of high-performance sports, every advantage counts. That's where Aires Tech steps in. Our cutting-edge EMF protection devices are designed to combat the often-overlooked challenge of EMFs, a silent but significant barrier to effective recovery.

Benefits of Aires Tech EMF Protection

Enhanced Recovery Times: Our technology reduces inflammation, accelerating the body's natural healing processes.

Improved Performance: Experience fewer EMF-related symptoms, such as fatigue and headaches, and maintain peak performance levels.

Peace of Mind: Confidently protect yourself against EMF radiation and focus on what you do best - excelling in your sport.

Join the ranks of Tiki Barber & other high-profile athletes who have discovered the benefits of Aires Tech:

Advanced EMF Neutralization: Our technology transforms chaotic EMF waves into a harmonious form, promoting a healthy recovery environment. Scientifically Proven: Backed by research and clinical trials, our products offer reliable protection against EMFs.

Designed for Athletes: Lightweight, compact, and perfect for active lifestyles. Wear it during training, competitions, or on-the-go. Easy to Use: Simply wear our EMF protection devices for continuous protection during all your activities.

Key Recovery is not just about physical healing; it's a comprehensive process involving physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Aires Tech enhances this process by providing a solution to one of the modern athlete's biggest challenges - EMF radiation.

Physical Restoration: Optimal recovery leads to better performance and injury prevention.

Mental Well-being: Reduced EMF exposure can improve sleep quality and cognitive functions.

Overall Health: Protecting against EMF radiation contributes to long-term health and athletic longevity.

Scientifically Proven, Backed By Experts


With rigorous testing, our solution has passed legal, scientific, and fiduciary guidelines to be sold and available to aid in healthier living for people around the world.


Our products are continuously being reviewed, tested, and observed with 25 reports and trials and counting.


Various studies have been conducted from scientific, medical and industry peers to study the effectiveness of our technology.


The Aires technology solution that modulates EMF has been covered by several scientific publications since its invention.

Our Lifetune products offer a simple + safe solution that transforms the surrounding radiation, optimizing your daily environment to protect your long-term health. From personal to area protection with an effective range up to 139 feet in diameter, you can trust the coverage from daily harmful exposure.

Your iPhone's New Companion

$89.95 USD

19 ft diameter effective range


Attaches directly to your phone or phone case with adhesive backing

Can use on tablet, laptop, baby monitors, bluetooth headphones & more!


No batteries or charging needed!


Flexible Personal Protection

$239.99 USD

42 ft diameter effective range


A wearable solution for devices on you or nearby

Affix to keychain, backpack or purse

Water Resistant

Packed with power of 2 microprocessors

Best Value

Daily Protection On-The-Go

$296.95 USD

19 & 42 ft diameter effective ranges


Essential devices for daily personal and area protection

Compounded power of two Lifetunes near you

Durable, resilient for everyday use

10% savings vs. buying individually


Take the power of EMF protection into your daily life for the health and wellbeing of you and your family with Aires Tech.






What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are areas of moving electrical charges also known as radiation. The radiation is emitted from common electronics and cellular devices.

Studies have proven even low levels of EMFs are harmful to organs and systems within the human body. Long-term impacts may include detrimental diseases, loss of cognitive function, and even cancer.

How Does Aires Lifetune Work?

Ever use noise-canceling headphones? The technology behind them is called negative interference, which essentially duplicates a sound and cancels the two sound waves out. 

 Lifetune applies a similar technology in our microprocessors to modulate EMF radiation from your devices, eliminating bodily harm. It’s scientifically proven and backed by our 25 patents

How Do I Use Aires Lifetune?

Aires products have been independently tested and peer reviewed to modulate EMFs from WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, and other manmade sources of EMFs. 

Simply remove the backing and attach your Lifetune One to any of your electronics to eliminate the dangers to your body.

How Are Aires Products Made?

Utilizing our 25 patents, the state-of-the-art Lifetune microprocessors and resonator antennas are etched with top of the line microlithography equipment.

 To put it simply… our patented and proven 5 layer system transforms the EMFs emitted by your device to keep you safe from harm.  

See It For Yourself. Watch this NeuroScientist Prove Aires Lifetune Effectiveness In A Lab Test. 

Watch Dr. Nicholas Dogris, PHD, BCN, QEEGD, a NeuroScientist and Co-Founder of Neurofield, demonstrate how Aires products successfully modulate EMFs from everyday electronics. 

Join 100,000+ Happy Customers Across 75 countries Protecting Themselves From EMFs with Aires Lifetune

Taylor M.


Don’t keep your phone in your pocket without them! …to protect your balls from being zApPeD by EMFs. EMFs (like those emitted by your cell phone) have been shown to decrease sperm count and quality and are potentially linked to erectile dysfunction, decreased testosterone, and infertility


Lifetune One

Olivia G.


No harmful side effects from EMF’s for meee 📱 As a woman who runs her entire business from her phone and laptop, I’m constantly being bombarded with EMF’s. As a matter of fact, you are too!! Our bodies are being hijacked everyday, from the food we eat, to the air we breathe and even the devices we use that hold our entire lives together. This is why I love @airestech #lifetune devices for my laptop, my cell phone and even my purse. Lifetune Device Technology is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phones, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers and more. I’m telling you now, you need these in your life.


Lifetune One

Brian S.


My friend told me about this a few years ago, and I was hesitant towards getting these things, because I've heard about fakes and how they're not effective. I've used shungite cellphone stickers for many years, and they weren't as effective as this EMF sticker. Ever since I've bought these, I've felt much more at ease, and I no longer get really bad headaches whenever I talk on the phone. I also get these for my friends as well and they too have benefit from it. Def worth the price (when it's on sale).


Lifetune One

Seana C.


Just because you can’t see EMF doesn’t mean it’s not there - and excessive exposure to EMF is NOT good for our well-being So if you’re someone that’s on your phone, iPad, computer, PS5s, VR’s, etc. This is the perfect GIFT you can give yourself! I got the Lifetune One from @airestech as an extra level of protection since my screen-time is through the roof! Watch the demo on their website because I kid you not, after seeing that demo with the brain scans - all my skepticism went out the window and immediately added to cart


Lifetune One

Sophia H.


@airestech has what are called Lifetune Devices (obviously) but what they do is awesome. The EMF Modular Technology is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data- transmitting electronics, such as cell phones, computers, laptops, smart TVs etc. Patented technology, independently tested, and built with nanotechnology I was sold on these. I’ve been looking for EMF protection for a long time and I’m glad I found this company, proven to make a difference


Lifetune One

Breanne H.


Are you concerned about EMFs from your wireless devices 📱💻📡? If not, you should be 😬. HERE’S WHY... ✔️The World Health Organization has classified RF emissions 📲 as a Group 2B carcinogen; possibly carcinogenic to humans. ✔️You're likely part of the 95% of adults who use a cell phone today. ✔️We don't suggest abandoning your cell phone or beloved tech 🖥but we DO suggest protecting yourself (and your kiddos) from exposure to wireless radiation. 📡 


Lifetune One

Paul C.


I went into this purchase with a positive attitude, and expected that it would be a good experience...but I am somewhat dumbfounded as to how good I feel after placing the Lifetune Device on my iPhone. I just had this stunned look on my face as I shared with my wife how great I felt after carrying it around all day. I was struggling to explain it, I just feel better. We will definitely add some more Lifetune products to our home!


Lifetune One

Bennet A.


This year has been a year of lessons. I think we have all come to realize the damage we are doing to both ourselves and the planet. Although we are making a lot of changes the reality is we are always on our phones and computers. More than ever we are staying connected online while almost everything becomes digital due to the pandemic. We need to protect our health because electronics release EMFs which can cause illness and sickness such as cancer. @socialcirclestudio works with @airestech to provides stickers for phones and devices for laptops that can shield us from the dangers!


Lifetune One

Christian W.


If you’re currently holding your phone reading this, you’re swimming in high frequency radiation! ⚡️💻📱🔌📡⚡️ EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have been proven to cause many health issues overtime when in close proximity. @airestech helps neutralize the frequency waves with special microprocessing technology, backed by science. So, to live more in-tune and grounded with Mother Nature, I stay strapped at all times with my Aires Tech! I can’t speak highly enough of the health benefits of this rad new technology that sticks of your electronic devices, works as a necklace or keychain, or sits in your home near your Wi-Fi router! Healthy environment = healthy life with high energy!


Lifetune One

Jessica S.


In a digital world where we rely on our technology for nearly anything, it’s important to look at the overall picture of our health and figure out which constants are contributing to our problems. It’s more than phones and laptops now a days, there’s no escaping smart technology when it comes in the form of utility smart meters, smart TV’s and other appliances, wifi routers, baby monitors, watches and fitness accessories, even some cars are capable of emitting this level of toxic radiation. I have an EMF detector and the amount of radiation I detected off of our microwave alone was enough to make me unplug it whenever it’s not being used (and if we’re being honest I rarely use it anymore).


Lifetune One

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