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Lifetune Zone Max


Compatible With:

  • 5G
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
  • mmW
  • WiFi

Formerly known as the Lifetune Room, now with a new name! In our homes, offices, and beyond, we spend a lot of time in areas filled with a multitude of electronics. You’re looking for area EMF coverage that can optimize those large spaces, whether using them for productivity or relaxation. The Lifetune Zone Max is your ultimate, wide-range solution for maximizing your daily environment. With a sleek design and our most extensive range of protection, simply place the Zone Max in the main living areas of your home or open spaces in your office.




Designed To Protect Against

Designed To
Protect Against

Lifetune Room Lifetune Room Box
  • Personal Communication Devices
  • Everyday Electronics
  • Power Lines
  • Cellular Towers
  • Electromagnetic Pollution

How its Made

  • 01. Protective Shield

    One of two protective shells on either side made of durable and resilient clear resin to shield the device from external damage.

  • 02. Front-Facing 64PS15G Microprocessor

    Front-facing state of the art Aires 64PS15G Microprocessor. 1,419,857 etched circular resonators in the topological circuit.

  • 03. Absorbing layer

    Infrared absorbing layer consuming the thermal emission given off by the microprocessors.

  • 04. Resonator Antennas

    One of two range maximizing resonator antennas powering the chip by harnessing the surrounding EMR.

  • 05. Rear-Facing 64PS15G Microprocessor

    Rear-facing state of the art Aires 64PS15G Microprocessor. 1,419,857 etched circular resonators in the topological circuit.

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
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The 64PS15G Microprocessor

The 64PS15G

Lifetune Room
  • State of the art 4th generation Aires Microprocessor
  • Water resistant and fragile
  • Designed for 5G and 5G millimeter wave
  • features 1,419,857 circular resonators
  • Powerful enough for all devices
  • 3.2x more effective than previous generations
  • 139 Feet Diameter Effective Range

How It  Works?

Imagine duplicating a sound or light wave, flipping it upside down, then overlapping the two waves to cancel each other out. This is called negative interference, a principle that's used in things like noise cancelling headphones.

We Leverage This In Our Microprocessors To Cancel Out External Electromagnetic Fields And Any Radiation As Result.

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Zone Max

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Lifetune Zone Max

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