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Will Aires products affect the functionality of electronic devices overall?

No, our products do not interfere with the functionality of any electronic device. That's the benefit of modulation technology compared to blockers!

What are your products’ bandwidth compatibility?

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, LTE, 4G, 5G

What are the products’ tested frequency range?

The tested frequency range is between 24Hz to 28Ghz (5G).

Do Aires products require power supply?

Our products do not require any external power. They are passive devices powered by the electromagnetic field of devices around them.

Are there any side-effects to your products?

Our products have undergone numerous scientific research studies. No side-effects have been observed during this process. However, should you feel any side-effects upon using our products, please stop using it immediately.

How effective is your technology?

Multiple studies were conducted proving significant effectiveness of the product in reducing the effects of electromagnetic radiation. For more information, please click here.

How does the technology work?

Aires Technology uses special resonators to transform EMF into a form compatible with living organisms, mitigating its potential negative effects with a unique combination of fractal geometry, semiconductor physics, and principles of diffraction and interference. More specifically, it uses a self-affine fractal surface pattern of circular grooves etched onto a silicon wafer semiconductor, diffracting incoming EMF and causing it to undergo complex wave interactions. As a result, the harmful high-frequency, high-polarization, narrow-band EMR in our environments are diffused across a broader frequency spectrum, lowering polarization. This is combined with the excitation of the energy bands of the semiconductor material, creating nonlinear effects and new, lower frequencies. The transformed EMF then radiates back into the environment, creating a biotropic field that is more compatible with and less disruptive to our biological systems. This can create beneficial effects on overall biological functioning of cells, adaptive responses and resilience.

Can Aires products be tested at home?

No, the device cannot be tested at home as the testing procedure requires specialized equipment to measure the person’s physiological condition after or during interaction with electromagnetic radiation and the protective devices. For more information, please click here.

How do I know if my Aires product is damaged?

Some signs of damage to look for are any cracks, chips or other wear and tear in or around the Aires silicon resonator chip. In addition, some signs of water damage include droplets/bubbling either in or around the Aires silicon resonator chip or discolouration of this area.

What is the life expectancy of Aires products?

Our products are passive devices. They will continue to work as long as they maintain their structural integrity.

Can Aires products be exposed to low/high temperatures?

Our products can withstand +/- 50 degrees Celsius / 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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