6-49ft Effective Range - Airestech

6-49ft Effective Range

Independently Tested - Airestech


Built with Nanotechnology - Airestech

Built with Nanotechnology

Our Technology
& History

Founded in 2012, American Aires Inc., has invested over $20,000,000 USD in research and development. The results of the significant research and development investment have been translated into 11 granted patents, 14 patents pending and 18 trademarks pending. The technology developed by the company has been independently tested and peer reviewed studies are available proving its effectiveness. Today, American Aires Inc., is bringing its technology to market through a consumer product commercialization model, with proprietary manufacturing processes that combine the highest level of precision while remaining robust and scalable.

Significant Funding in
Research & Development

Over $20M has been spent on research and development of technology behind Aires Tech devices in an effort to create the most effective EMR protecting device. Our products are a direct result of our efforts, being the only scientifically proven anti-EMR device on the market.

Social Responsibility
& Sustainability

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