LIVE DEMO - See effect on your brain using cell phone with & w/o Aires modulation



    Scientific research has proven that EMF from your electronics has an impact on your health, acting as a stressor to your nervous system.

  • Compounding impact

    Scientific research on the long-term impacts of the rapid increase in technology has not been conducted.

  • INCREAse in electronics

    In the last 20 years alone, there has been an exponential increase in the amount and prevalence of technology in your daily life.

  • proactive protection

    As research is conducted to inform further regulation, we developed a solution so you can proactively protect your long-term health and well-being.

EMF / EMR EFFECTS - Airestech
EMF / EMR EFFECTS - Airestech


The radiation from everday electronics creates a chaotic and unstable field of energy, which can impact your long-term wellbeing

Aires Modulation

Our solution is to create a coherent and stable EMF that matches your biological, baseline EMF created by your own body.

Meet Aires


Our Lifetune products offer a simple + safe solution that transforms the surrounding radiation, optimizing your daily environment to protect your long-term health.

Lifetune Reliable - Airestech

Credibly proven efficacy with decades of research

Lifetune Adaptable - Airestech

Continuous protection to fit your lifestyle

Lifetune Eternal - Airestech

Intentionally designed as a lifelong solution

Lifetune Compatible - Airestech

Full functionality with 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, + millimeter waves

Modulation Vs.Blocking

Lifetune products form a spherical atmosphere of protection, granting you a state of peace within the chaos. The passive functionality of modulation provides consistent protection that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. Products that simply block radiation may disrupt your day to day activity by interrupting your connectivity or requiring constant, active use.


Aires in Action

Proof you can see with our recent EEG brain scan demonstration with an expert neuroscientist


Unprotected - Airestech


Lifetune Protected - Airestech

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Michaela Z.

“I am grateful for all the devices that allow me to provide for my family from home — and I am especially grateful for Aires Tech devices that allow me to protect my children in the process!”

Entrepreneur, Health Expert

Recommendation: Lifetune Zone Max and Go

Robert Breton

I use Airestech because I know that this technology can be used to boost our natural environment along with balancing the harmful effects of EMF exposure. I feel the difference in my sleep quality and overall health as I can now spend more time on my laptop editing content without feeling drained.

Content Creator

Recommendation: Lifetune One

Tihane DeKneef

We started using Aires Tech as more and more towers began going up around our city apartment, affecting mostly our special needs chihuahua and I was having anxiety in the middle of the night. Now our dogs and ourselves are protected from harmful radiation.

Dogmom, Entrepreneur

Recommendation: Lifetune One & Go

Stay Tuned and Read The Wave

The Wave is your go-to source for trustworthy, fact-based information on EMF. Whether you’re brand new to the topic or want to learn more, The Wave is here to match your frequency.


Support From The Experts

Backed by top science and health practitioners globally.

Dr. Dogris, EEG Brain Scan Demo Results

"We have a device that's not going to cause heat... You don't get as fatigued. Reducing the heat, reducing the cellular damage. It means that you're going to be healthier... There's a lot of different things there that are taking us in the right direction. I think that's a pretty good benefit."

Watch The Full Interview Here
Dr. Andrew Michrowski

"This technology is helpful for protecting people from the effects of telecommunication devices such as cell phones and routers taking care of issues with electromagnetic fields especially with current and emerging technologies."

Dr. Robert "Rusty" P. Turner, MD, MSCR, QEEGD, BCN

"In addition to the importance of increasing awareness and implementing lifestyle changes to minimize exposure to artificial environmental EMF (distancing and separation are simply a start at improving electromagnetic health), the use of health products that diminish and/or deactivate exposure to artificial environmental EMF are essential, and the scientific foundation of the AiresTech technology, as well as their demonstrated effectiveness, will lead many to take better steps towards an electromagnetically healthy life."