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Peak Bundle

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EMF protection can help bring you to your peak performance. Reach your goals with your right hand, the Flex, and the at-home protector, the Zone Max.
  • 2 Lifetune Flex
  • 1 Lifetune Zone Max
  • Perfect for apartments, condos and small homes
  • Lifetune Flex is waterproof, though we recommend to not submerge the device for long periods of time
  • Lifetune Zone Max is designed for area protection in your home office, living room, bedroom or kitchen
  • You can also use your Flex in your car for traveling coverage or wear it as a necklace
  • Effective Ranges: Lifetune Flex 42 ft and Lifetune Zone Max 139 ft diameter
  • Lifetune Zone Max comes with velcro strip to place on wall, desk or other surfaces in your home
  • Lifetune Flex & Zone Max: 64PS15G Aires silicon resonator chip
    Peak Bundle - airestech

    The Gold Standard Of Scientific EMF Protection

    • Science, Scientists Trust

      When it comes to EMF protection, Aires stands out with scientific evidence to back its effectiveness. Our solutions have been rigorously tested, published, peer-reviewed, and patented, giving you peace of mind.

    • Powerful, Portable

      Say goodbye to complicated setups. Aires' EMF protection products are designed for convenience. Just have them near any source of radiation, and they start working. Plus, they come in compact forms for maximum coverage with minimal fuss.

    • Built to Endure

      Quality matters to us. That's why Aires uses top-notch manufacturing techniques and premium materials in our Lifetune EMF protection products. Investing in Aires means investing in long-lasting and reliable protection.

    • Everything, Everywhere

      Unlike limiting options, Aires Lifetune products offer versatile protection against a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies. From your devices to your surroundings, we've got you covered.