Medium Home Bundle

Compatible With:

  • 5G
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
  • mmW
  • WiFi
The medium bundle is suited for homes of small to medium size, 2-3 rooms of coverage. The area protection devices serve best in a bedroom, home office with the Zone Max for your biggest EMF spot in the home usually the kitchen or main living space. Plus, cover your handheld devices or home laptop if your phones aren't already protected with Lifetune.



Designed For Flexible Daily Protection

Designed For
Flexible Daily Protection

Lifetune Room Lifetune Room Box
  • Wearable device for everyday protection
  • Used on keyfob, necklace, backpack and more!
  • Suitable for personal and small area coverage
  • 42 feet diameter effective range
  • C64S Microprocessor