What It Does

• The microprocessor modulates chaotic EMR, transforming the waves and creating a coherent EMF similar to our biological radiation

• It does not block the radiation but restructures it to neutralize any physiological impact

• Any EMR waves that pass through the effective range mimic the modulated EMF created by the product

About The Tech

The EMR waves from electronic sources are chaotic, creating an EMF that is inconsistent and incompatible with our own. Modulation technology offers a solution to transform the surrounding EMF into a coherent form. Instead of blocking EMR, the microprocessors harmonize the entire EMF, resulting in a neutralized atmosphere that is ideal for our biology, and our electronics, to thrive.

How To Verify

• Effectiveness is verified by a physiological response that is unique to the individual

• EMF meters will not detect any change, as the EMF is modulated, not blocked

• Tested by 3rd party researchers which have proven the neutralizing capability of the technology

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Since our product does not block EMF, using an EMF reader or meter is not a viable method to test the effectiveness. The purpose of the technology is to harmonize the EMR from our electronics with our own biological EMR, to neutralize the physiological impact. Therefore, verification of the effect lies in the unique individual response and requires testing by a medical professional. Our published research, peer reviewed studies, and clinical trials have consistently proven the power of the product.

How It Works, Technically

• The microprocessor is composed of nearly 1.2 million microscopic etchings that create a circular lattice to diffract the EMR waves

• The outer, gold antenna captures the energy from surrounding EMF to power the passive microprocessor

• Manufactured with state of the art microlithography equipment

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The nanotechnology behind the microprocessor is rooted in mathematics and quantum physics. The outer gold antenna, which acts as a conductor, charges the passive microprocessor with any EMF in the vicinity. The circular lattice within the microprocessor creates an obstacle for EMR that diffracts, or restructures, the chaotic waves. Unlike blocking EMR, this transformation does not cause any energy to be lost, resulting in a continuous and coherent EMF without impacting our bodies or the functionality of our electronics.

Glossary of Terms

Coherent - in physics, coherence refers to two waves with the same frequency and waveform. In our case, the microprocessor creates a coherent field by diffracting EMF from surrounding technology to mimic the frequency and waveform of biological EMF.

Microlithography - manufacturing process involving the creation of an extremely small pattern into a material, in our case through etching into the surface of the microprocessor.  

Physiological - this refers to the regular function of the systems within biological beings. It involves the interactions between organs, cells, and their environment. 

Effective range - this is the area of neutralization that the Aires technology provides. It varies by product and depends on the size of the antenna, the number of etchings in the microprocessor, and the distance to the source of the EMF. Essentially, it creates an aura, or bubble of protection with a certain area.

Modulation - the process of changing waveform properties, such as frequency. In our case, modulation refers to the transformation of EMF from technology into a waveform that complements biological waves. 

Diffraction - the interaction and resulting reaction to waves encountering an obstacle and undergoing interference. Think of noise canceling headphones, the headphones emit an opposite wave to the sound coming in, which is a type of interference that cancels it out. In our case, the microprocessor creates a series of bends and curves for the EMF waves to pass through, changing their structure as they do, resulting in a modulated waveform.

Passive microprocessor - the microprocessor is only charged when the attached antenna is brought close to a source of EMF. Think of a credit card chip, how it remains idle until it is near the computer, the microprocessor works the same. 

Circular Lattice - the inside of the microprocessor contains up to 1.2 million circular etchings that intersect, creating a geometric pattern that diffracts EMF waves. Think of it like a maze for the energy to flow through. 


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