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Get Gifting with Aires Tech : the gift that lasts for years to come

With the holiday season right around the corner, if you’re looking for suggestions for everyone on your list, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for something that has a bigger purpose and is useful, high quality and good for their health – we’ve got you covered. There’s really no other way to show your loved ones that you care than with the gift of EMF protection. It’s a gift that will benefit their health and wellbeing, not just today, but for years to come. Aires Tech is proud to offer a diverse variety of high quality EMF radiation protection products leveraging our state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

We know that gift giving can get stressful, that’s why we’ve made sure that we’ve got something for everyone that matters to you – from your parents to your kids and or anyone you know that’s focused on improving their health.

Our products provide long-term value, and aim to provide lasting protection for all your loved ones from devices that may be extremely destructive in the long run. Looking into the future, our Lifetune products are here to provide value by delivering the most optimum and effective shield for those you care about.

Why is this long lasting effect important? The average American spends 8 hours and 14 minutes on their devices, and all-the-while they’re experiencing the negative effects of such radiation, which compound with prolonged exposure. And just like an investment – the beneficial effects of Aires Tech protection also compound with time and this durable protection provides you with lasting value.

Furthermore, Aires Tech products have a meaningful purpose attached to it – instead of some superficial value. Our technology is designed are actually to be there for your loved one for the long haul. By gifting a Lifetune, you show just how much you care for their mental and physical wellbeing.

But how do you convey the necessity & benefits of the products to those you gift? Here are our top reasons:

What are EMFs & why are they dangerous: EMFs are essentially radiation emitted from any device or source of electricity. This radiation has the ability to play with your body’s biological systems such as your endocrine system, your immune system and your cardiac cycles. The effects of your exposure to such radiation depends on your duration of exposure & the power of the electronic source. It’s vital to take preventative and protective measures to avoid the long term consequences of such radiation including cancer, oxidative stress, low quality sleep and more.

How do EMF effects snowball into diseases in the long run: As mentioned, EMFs have the ability to result in damaging diseases in the long run, through snowballing/domino effects. They act as a stressor to our body, down to the cellular level, which causes our biological systems to function outside of the norm. On a daily basis, this can impact our brain function, sleep cycles, and productivity, which in the long term can have even greater implications. With prolonged exposure, it can effect entire systems such as our immunity and hormones, which can disrupt our lives and hinder our body’s ability to heal from other factors that are detrimental.

Aires Tech State of the Art Technology: Whoever you gift can read the technical description of how our products work here, but our products only leverage the most high quality technology. With proven results and multiple patents, 3rd party researchers have tested our technology to verify the efficacy of our technology at minimizing any biological effects from exposure to electronics.

Read on to explore how Aires Tech products could be the perfect gift for a loved one of your choice!


Being a parent is definitely something to celebrate but it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for these people on your list. Well, Aires Tech’s products actually have the potential to be your saving grace because of how vital this EMF protection is for children.

Unfortunately, children are actually more sensitive to EMF radiation than adults due to:

  • Smaller size: As children are smaller, the amount of radiation required to disrupt the balance of their fragile bodies is less (higher sensitivity)
  • Developing bodies: Since children are still developing, they are more at risk because their biological systems are not strong enough, and high levels of EMFs can actually cause permanent changes to their biological systems
  • Thinner skull: An adult’s skull is around 2mm thick, and on average, a child’s skull is 0.5-1mm thick. This means that EMF radiation has less to penetrate through and can get in at a quicker pace, eventually causing more damage

Another reason children are more at risk because they go to school on a daily basis, and may go elsewhere for extracurriculars, meaning that there are more chances for them to be exposed. This increased risk can mean that they are more susceptible to the long term effects of EMFs as previously discussed. Read more about exposure at schools here.

Furthermore, children today use more types of devices and for longer durations than children 20 years ago – so this can intensify the effect of the radiation on their systems. This is why our products would be the perfect gift – they can stick it on their devices to ensure protection all day long! And as a parent/guardian, you know you’ve taken the right precautions to help protect them as much as possible – so you can rest assured that you’ve got them a gift they can use in the long run and with their kids’ best interests at heart.

Top Gift for Families: Small, Medium, and Large Home Bundles

We offer three different sizes of this bundle to fit the needs of the family you’re shopping for. It includes options for at home and on-the go protection.

Health + Fitness Enthusiasts

If you know someone who is always trying to be as healthy as possible – whether it be physical, mental or physiological wellbeing, EMFs are something to take into consideration. EMFs are another stressor that affect your physical being as it affects your body all the way down to the cellular level. At the same time, it impacts your mental wellbeing as there have been a variety of studies concluding that there is a link between EMFs and the onset and worsening depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Oxidative stress is another area many health enthusiasts are concerned about. When our body is constantly in this state, it can increase risk of disease, impact your reproductive and hormonal systems, and cause excessive inflammation. EMF is a known perpetuator of oxidative stress. With prolonged exposure, you’re more prone to a rise in the number of free radicals, and when this overtakes the level of antioxidants in your body, you experience the effects of oxidative stress. This can have immediate effects on your performance and fitness goals.

Furthermore, since the exposure to EMFs actually has the potential to affect your sleep – this has the ability to affect all areas of your life. A decline in the quantity and quality of your sleep has an effect on your circadian rhythm, your day-to-day functioning and can affect important biological systems. An Aires Tech product would be perfect because you’re providing your loved one with the gift of health – something they genuinely care about/prioritize!

Top Gift for Health + Fitness Enthusiasts: Peak Bundle

With a wearable option and stick it and forget it solution for their most loved devices, they’ll be optimized to achieve all their wellness goals with their EMF protection!


Do you know someone who struggles to get enough or quality sleep every night? Are they actively taking steps to try to improve this and still not making any progress? It actually might be EMFs that are preventing them from making more progress. As we’ve discussed in other blogs, quality sleep is extremely important because:

  • Repair: Many people think that sleep is just downtime for the brain when it gets tired, but while you’re sleeping, your brain is actually still working. Many repair processes occur during the night, and if you’re not able to get enough sleep, these processes are interrupted and this can affect your daily functioning
  • Mood-swings: Not having enough sleep due to a decrease in your melatonin levels can mean that you’re more sensitive to mood changes and likely to feel more crabby the next day
  • Weight maintenance: When you’re able to get enough quality sleep, you’re less likely to impulsively eat & and actually listen to your hunger cues/cravings. On the flipside, if you don’t get this sleep, you are more likely to eat more than you need to and this can cause unnecessary weight gain.
  • Poor mental health: In a study, it was found that people that didn’t get enough sleep actually experienced “mental health and behavioural challenges” – lesser amounts of sleep were actually linked to higher levels of stress, depression and more.

Given that EMFs actually have the ability affect how much sleep you get and the quality of your sleep, it’s vital you take the right precautions right now – and AiresTech is the perfect way to do this!

Top Gift for Sleep Seekers: Day + Night Bundle

With busy schedules and restless sleeps, the hustle bundle has what they need for protection day and night. Help them get quality sleep and a quality life with this gift!

Tech Lovers

Is there someone you can think of that is an avid gamer? Or someone you go to when you want to know about the latest tech because they’re always updated? Or even someone who collects the best tech in the market? Well, they may not be aware but they’re at a very high risk of EMF radiation because of their condensed and prolonged exposure. For example, gamers could be an at-risk group of consumers because:

  1. Number of devices: When you think about it, gamers use at least 10 devices at once from their headphones to their monitor to their mouse – when added up, the level of EMF radiation can be alarming & concerning.
  2. Concentration of devices in an area: Gamers are more likely to have all their devices concentrated in a small room/area, which can be detrimental because that means that the radiation they experience can be extremley strong, and without protection, they are more likely to experience damaging effects even just in the short run.
  3. Prolonged exposure: Many gamers are actually trying to maximize their performance (against themselves or against others), or looking for an escape for their reality. This results in them using their devices for a long time, which as mentioned can be harmful due to the intensity & strength of the radiation. Some gamers may also experience depression/anxiety because of how long they use these devices.

Top Gift for Tech Lovers: Amplify Bundle

Tech lovers will appreciate being able to amplify their protection, at home and while on the go. Plus they need the extra coverage for all their devices!

Our Lifetune products are a top gift for everyone on your list, for a variety of reasons. Customize their gift by shopping our individual products for whatever their needs may be.

Personal Protection

Lifetune One

The Lifetune One is our stick-it and forget-it solution for everyone’s most loved devices. Simply attach it directly to phones, laptops, tablets, and more. Check out the multipacks because who just has one device these days!?

Lifetune Go

The Lifetune Go is our wearable solution for protection close by wherever the day takes you. Whether worn as a pendant on a chain or attached to keys or bags, the Go is along for the ride!

Lifetune Flex

The Lifetune Flex is our versatile solution for protection that can be worn close to the body or kept near by so you’re covered no matter what your days look like. Whether worn as a pendant or used in small areas, the Flex is by your side!

Area Protection

Lifetune Zone

The Lifetune Zone is our compact, yet powerful solution for small rooms in the home or at work. Placed on a desk during the day or bedside table at night, the Zone is a mighty companion.

Lifetune Zone Max

The Lifetune Zone Max is our ultimate solution to make everywhere an optimal environment. Stationed in a central location where there are multiple devices for max relaxation or productivity.

No matter which gift you choose, remember, with the gift of Aires Tech, you’re giving a present that means something, and lasts a lifetime.

Happy Holidays from the Aires Team!