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EMF Regulations : Schools + Children

  • To children from this new generation, who have been introduced to technology and devices from a very young age, this is all they’ve known
  • The impacts of EMFs are intensified in children under the age of 15 due to their underdeveloped, more malleable pathways – with the potential for even more damage down the road
  • Some countries such as France, Israel, Russia, and more have recognized the significance of this issue by implementing strict policies with the intent to protect children from the get-go
  • Other countries including the USA have yet to acknowledge the severity of the issue fully and have not fully committed to an implementation strategy

As we have explored in other blogs, EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) emit harmful radiation that in the long run has detrimental effects on our biology and lives. This is even more relevant for students in school. In today’s day and age, where the advent of technology has meant that we are constantly glued to our devices, exploring this topic and its effects have become more relevant than ever.

There’s a host of research depicting a stark picture of children who begin to use their phones at a young age – what we fail to consider is the fact that most children born in the 21st century will tend to use their devices more over their entire lifetime compared to someone who would have first used their devices in their adult lives. Before the age of 15, a child’s brain has not fully matured, and thus the neuron pathways in their brains are more malleable. This means that they are more sensitive to external factors such as electromagnetic waves, while also absorbing the radiation more easily.

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Many countries have recognized there is urgency with such data and have implemented a variety of different policies and educational campaigns in order to mitigate the effects as soon as possible. The rigidity of these policies varies from country to country; for example, in Russia, the government has already set strict limits on the amount of EMFs near homes, while also using setting tower limits based on their own understanding (having conducted years of research on EMFs) of biological effects at non-thermal levels. Countries such as France, Cyprus, and Israel have implemented stricter policies such as banning Wi-Fi in nursery schools and have also made it illegal to sell phones to children under the age of 7. These regulations are a step in the right direction to ensure the effects of EMFs do not have permanent consequences for children.

Here’s a summary:

  • Russia: They’ve established strict EMF limits near residential areas, drawing from their extensive research on the biological effects of EMFs.
  • France, Cyprus, and Israel: These nations have taken proactive steps, such as prohibiting Wi-Fi in nursery schools and banning the sale of mobile phones to children under seven.

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However, there are some countries that seem to fail to acknowledge the severity of the consequences caused by inordinate EMF exposure. For instance, despite recognizing the existence of an issue, the government of the USA merely commits to investing in “more research” and increasing awareness through more information provided to consumers. In Oregon, the health authorities claimed to “aim to investigate” the effects of health effects on children in schools. Although research is important, now is the time to take action, before the effects cause permanent changes in the biological systems of children for generations to come.

Updated: July 24th, 2023