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A New Chapter in Wellness: Aires Tech Partners with Tiki Barber

Aires Tech is proud to announce its latest partnership with NFL Super Bowl Champion and legend Tiki Barber. Tiki, known for his pursuit of athletic excellence, joins our team to champion the cause of health safety against electromagnetic radiation in our daily lives and in seeking optimized physical performance. Our collaboration goes beyond EMF protection; it's a shared commitment to guiding your wellness journey.

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  • Science, Scientists Trust

    Surpassing expectations and elevating standards with our rigorously tested, patented, and peer-reviewed innovation.

  • Built to Endure

    Elite manufacturing for dependable endurance and longevity in a fast paced digital world.

  • Powerful, Portable

    Designed for convenience and coverage—working simply and efficiently near any radiation source.

  • Technology Evolved

    Diffracting harmful radiation with our next-gen, root-cause-focused microprocessor technology.


From Neuroscientists, Biohackers and Health Practitioners, Aires Lifetune is the gold standard of EMF technology unlike any other.

Dr. Dogris | Neuroscientist/BCN, Ph.D., QEEGD, CEO of Neurofield, Inc.

Meet dr. dogris

"Environmental electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are currently among the most unrecognized, yet most influential factors causing and worsening a multitude of human illnesses worldwide, affecting the entire age-span - from before birth through adulthood and senescence. In addition to recognizing EMF impacts on virtually every organ system, methods and legitimate devices must be made available that minimize and ameliorate the harmful effects of EMF in every aspect of life."

Dr. Robert P. Turner | MD, MSCR, QEEGD, BCN, CEO of Network Neurology Health LLC

meet dr. turner

"Even those these fields (EMF) are invisible, we have to remember that they're more powerful than many other things we're exposed to... I don't think I've ever seen a company where I'm more impressed with the studies they have.. I was mind blown with their patented technology."

Allyssa LaScala | Integrative Health Practitioner

meet Allyssa

“One of the most important invisible threats in the field of environmental medicine and toxicity are EMFs which wreak havoc on the body through mechanisms such as increase in production of free radicals, increase in oxidative damage to cells and sometimes permanent changes in cell function and DNA. Physicians would be wise to start teaching patients how they can best protect themselves as the exposure to EMF’s continues to exponentially increase in our world. I highly recommend Aires tech to my EMF sensitive patients and use them myself at home and in my office."

Dr. Jill Carnahan | Functional Medicine Expert, MD ABIHM, ABoIM, IFMCP


Over 100,000 happy customers

"...Since using the Lifetune One on my phone, my headaches are gone and my mental health has significantly improved. I’m less anxious and my mood has gotten so much better. I didn’t realize such a little device has so much power! I will never go on a wireless device without the help of Airestech. The science speaks for itself."

Kirsten P.

"This works. I am sensitive to RF/EMF. With this device my heart rate normalizes. I realize not everyone may have such an extreme sensitivity, but I can feel how this device helps. I’ve tried about 10 other products and this is the only one that achieves success. I highly recommend."

Keisha R.

"I love Aires products and have a feeling of trust that the products are actually protecting me from the effects of EMF's. I have one for my laptop and cell phone, a larger one for my workspace, and one clipped to my pouch that I wear when outside my home."

Paul L

"Good info for consumers with the research to back it up. The importance of this can’t be underestimated."

Jeff A.

"I live near an array of cell towers. Sometimes it feels like the house is buzzing, but with the Airestech I sleep peacefully and do not get the fried brain from overdoing computer work. I am impressed."

Janet S.
Lifetune One - airestechLT One 6.png

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Powerful + Portable: To bring you that up close + personal protection with a 19 foot diameter of coverage, this device can attach to your everyday technology such as cell phones, laptops, tablets and more!


Why Does Personal + area protection matter?

Lifetune One Two Pack - airestech
Lifetune One Two Pack - airestech

Our bodies absorb the radiation from our devices we use daily, whether they're on us, or in close proximity. Having protection every day with these set-it-and-forget-it solutions will give you peace of mind for your health long term.

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Beyond the daily devices we use to stay connected, there are other EMF-emitting threats that surround us in our homes, offices, cars and out in public. It's up to us to mitigate the compounding exposure of these strong devices with our area protection solutions.