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While you’re reading this on your device right now, you’re being heavily bombarded by dangerous EMF radiations — an invisible threat around all of us. 

You can not escape the digital technology today. But you can save yourself from the dangerous EMF radiation emitting from it. Lifetune Flex is our most versatile EMF protection solution that is designed to carry along with you or keep close by for constant coverage from electromagnetic radiation.

Clinically proven to protect from EMFs

Set-it-and-forget-it design for convenience 

Protecting 100,000+ happy customers every day

Backed by 22 patents, 25+ clinical trials & 9 peer-reviewed studies



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What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are areas of moving electrical charges also known as radiation. The radiation is emitted from common electronics and cellular devices like phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

Studies have proven even low levels of EMFs are harmful to human organs and systems. 

Why EMFProven EMF

Why You Should Be Worried About EMF

Studies have proven EMF to be harmful to your body. While the effects of EMF can vary, they have been shown to cause biological changes at the cellular level, which raises further questions about their safety, especially with long-term exposure. Additionally, there's inconsistency in regulatory standards across different countries, and some people report non-specific health symptoms, which they attribute to EMF exposure.

Studies have proven EMF to be harmful to your body. There are a number of links between EMF radiation and cancer, including one 2013 study that suggested as many as 2% of childhood leukemia cases could be the result of EMF. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has found a link between this radiation and tumors.


That’s not all, EMF can also lead to:

Aires Tech — Scientifically Proven EMF Protection

Our patented and proven 5-layer system works by transforming the harmful EMF radiation to end its danger, unlike other methods such as blocking or absorbing that merely harm your device — making us the most trusted and safe solution in the market!

Backed By Science

Backed By Science

$20M spent in research and development, 22 global patents, 9 Peer-Reviewed Studies, and 25+ Clinical Trials prove how effectively Aires Lifetune protects against harmful EMF radiation from everyday devices. 

100% Protects your family

Buy Once, Buy For Life

Aires Lifetune is powered by the same technology as tapping your credit card chip. That means no batteries, no charging, and no replacement parts required.

Buy Once, Buy For Life

100% Protects Your Family

Protects you and your family against harmful radiations from 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell towers, EMFs, and much more with 19ft diameter coverage.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't experience the benefits of Aires Lifetune EMF modulation, reach out to us for a full refund — no risk for you. 

How Does Aires Lifetune Work?

Just like a filter that modifies the harmful aspects of sunlight to prevent burns while still allowing light to serve its purpose, Aires technology filters and modifies EM waves to eliminate harmful effects while maintaining their functional integrity.

Lifetune work
How does ires Lifetune work.

Start Your Healthier Digital Life In 3 Easy Steps 

1. Remove from packaging

2. Affix the provided lanyard to the keyhole on device

3. Wear around your neck for protection wherever you go!

3 easy steps

Our Technology Is Trusted By NeuroScientists & Health Experts Worldwide

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