Frequently Asked


Will my phone case fit on my cell phone after attaching the Lifetune One?

The device can be placed either on the phone case or the actual device itself. If you place your Lifetune One on the device itself, a phone case will not fit over the phone and device as the One is slightly raised like a bubble. You can place the One on phone case without any trouble, but due to having an adhesive it won't be able to transfer from one case to another for multiple uses.

What is the effective range of the Lifetune One?

The effective coverage diameter is 19 feet (5.5 meters)

What are the dimensions for the Aires Lifetune One?

The product is 17.4mm (0.68in) in diameter.

Can the Aires Lifetune One be reapplied on another device?

No, it is designed to be applied to a device once. The adhesive layer will lose its hold if removed. The Aires Lifetune One could be damaged if you try to remove it and reapply it elsewhere so we recommend purchasing a unit for each product you plan to adhere the One to.

Do I need more than one Lifetune One on each electronic device?

One unit of the Lifetune One is enough for one small device, such as a cell phone, tablet, Wi-Fi router, etc. For area coverage, we recommend one of our larger devices such as the Lifetune Zone or Lifetune Zone Max.

Do how I adhere the Lifetune One to my device?

Clean the surface of the electronic device you wish to attach the One to. Peel the One from the white square backing and press firmly for approximately 30 seconds. Can be attached directly to an electronic device or onto a protective case. The One has a protective polymer coating and is water-resistant.

How do I know if my Aires product is damaged?

Some signs of damage to look for are any cracks, chips or other wear and tear in or around the Aires silicon resonator chip. In addition, some signs of water damage include droplets/bubbling either in or around the Aires silicon resonator chip or discolouration of this area.

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