22 Patents Issued!

25 Patents Issued!


Lifetune One: Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation With Patented NanoTechnology

Digital technology is inescapable. But the dangers of the radiation that come from it don’t have to be.

Our Lifetune One is your personal savior from EMF. Stick it straight onto your most loved electronic devices. Stay safe from harm caused by smartphones, tablets, headphones, and more!

Aires Lifetune One 

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EMF Protection

Designed For You

Proven to be Powerful

25 global patents and 9 Peer-Reviewed Studies prove Aires Lifetune effectively modulates radiation, eliminating harm from everyday devices. 

Full Spectrum Coverage

Protects from 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell towers, and more, but does not impact the use of your devices.

Buy Once, Buy For LIfe

Lifetune is powered by the surrounding sources of radiation. The Aires silicon resonator chip is powered by the same technology as tapping your credit card chip. That means no batteries, no charging, and no replacement parts required.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't experience the benefits of Aires Lifetune EMF modulation, you can return your device in 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are areas of moving electrical charges also known as radiation. The radiation is emitted from common electronics and cellular devices.

Studies have proven even low levels of EMFs are harmful to organs and systems within the human body. Long-term impacts may include detrimental diseases, loss of cognitive function, and even cancer.

How Does Aires Lifetune Work?

Ever use noise-canceling headphones? The technology behind them is called negative interference, which essentially duplicates a sound and cancels the two sound waves out. 

 Lifetune applies a similar technology in our Aires silicon resonator chips to modulate EMF radiation from your devices, eliminating bodily harm. It’s scientifically proven and backed by our 25 patents

How Do I Use Aires Lifetune?

Aires products have been independently tested and peer reviewed to modulate EMFs from WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, and other manmade sources of EMFs. 

Simply remove the backing and attach your Lifetune One to any of your electronics to eliminate the dangers to your body.

How Are Aires Products Made?

Utlizing our 25 patents, the state-of-the-art Lifetune Aires silicon resonator chips and resonator antennas are etched with top of the line microlithography equipment.

 To put it simply… our patented and proven 5 layer system transforms the EMFs emitted by your device to keep you safe from harm.  

See It For Yourself. Watch this NeuroScientist Prove Aires Lifetune Effectiveness In A Lab Test. 

Watch Dr. Nicholas Dogris, PHD, BCN, QEEGD, a NeuroScientist and Co-Founder of Neurofield, demonstrate how Aires products successfully modulate EMFs from everyday electronics. 

Designed For Peace of Mind.

Technology surrounds us, from our phones in our pockets, to our laptops at work, there's seemingly no way to get around EMFs in the modern world.

Using other forms of EMF protection, likeblocking or absorbing, make your technology useless.

 That’s why we invented Aires. With your new Lifetune, you’ll be able to end the danger of EMF without compromising your devices. 

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Protect yourself from EMFs. Donʼt experience the benefits? Get a 100% refund.

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Backed By Science

25 Global Patent, 9 Peer Reviewed studies. 25+ Clinical and Scientific Trials. Independently Tested.

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