Aires Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2023

gifts that mean more

Whoever you're shopping for this holiday season, the gift of Lifetune shows you care about their health today and for years to come.



Proven Effective

Our product protects the person who's using it from their EMF-emitting devices. And we've got the evidence to prove it!

Wellness First

Not only are you prioritizing your loved one's health by minimizing the risks of their devices, but you're also gifting them peace of mind in a digital world!

No Batteries Required

A seamless solution without the need for batteries or plugs. The benefits start today and last for years to come!


For those solo handheld enthusiasts that only interact with one or two personal devices like a cell phone, tablet, or headphones.

Lifetune One

$89.95 USD

For those always on the go; traveling in a car, at a workspace, or in public places with the need for more coverage with increased exposure.

Lifetune Go

$219.99 USD

For those constantly surrounded by several EMF sources on a daily basis in their home, offices or just love their devices!

For those who surround themselves with multiple devices daily and still prefer to wear their protection instead of an area Lifetune device.

Lifetune Flex

$239.99 USD

For those always on the go; traveling in a car, at a workspace, or in public places with the need for more coverage with increased exposure.

Lifetune Zone

$259.99 USD

100,000+ Customers Who Love Lifetune



Combined 61 feet diameter of coverage

Durable, waterproof designs

Convenient & suited for any lifestyle

Free Standard Shipping



Move Bundle

Suited for People who:

  • Lifetune One: Always Have a Cell Phone/Tablet Close By

  • Lifetune Go: Use Wireless Headphones, or Travel Daily in Cars, Airplanes, or Public Transport

  • Lifetune Zone Max: Have a Home Office, Living or Working Area Near Several Electronic Devices

$592.95 USD


Best Seller

Partner Pack

Designed for:

  • Lifetune One: Direct Attachment to Cell Phones, Tablets, or Laptops

  • Lifetune Go: Wear as a Necklace for On-the-Go Situations with Extensive EMF Exposure

  • Gifts for two people or one set for you and another set to give!

$502.99 USD


Ready for adventure

Travel Bundle

The Best Solution for:

  • Lifetune One: Every Cell Phone, Tablet, or Portable Device

  • Lifetune Flex: Wearing as a Necklace, Looping on a Keychain or Bag, and Keeping Close in Small Spaces

  • Lifetune Zone: Placing in the Car, a Wallet, on a Desk at Home, or on a Bedside Table

$529.95 USD


Essential Duo

On The Go Bundle

Ideal Daily Essentials: 

  • Lifetune One: Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Wireless Headphones

  • Lifetune Go: Wear as a Necklace, Hook on a Keychain, Hang in Your Car

$249.95 USD


As Seen In

People Prefer Lifetune For Their EMF Protection Needs

"It improves my sleep and restless leg syndrome. I get better quality sleep and stay asleep. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night like I used to before. It is backed by peer reviewed studies so you can feel assured that it is keeping you safe."

Ricardo T.

Verified Buyer

"I enjoy the appearance of it and the structural stability of my Lifetune Go. I want one for each of my family. I feel more calm and less frazzled around 5g towers and wifi knowing that I am protected. It is compact and easy to carry around with my other pendants and I know, even with my labor intensive job, it will not get broken. I like that it also modulates EMF for people around me."

Andrew B.

Verified Buyer

"I love knowing that my frequency around me and my family is protected, especially after taking the time to really learn about the product and how it works, thank you for putting so much into these! Also Ive been able to transfer the phone sticker onto different phones easily with no issues and it works great! A lifetime investment I dont think Ill ever regret!! No more tingling in my fingers or hands when I hold my phone! Its also brought so much peace of mind, understanding how EMF’s work, having the best technology so I can feel at ease using my technology is priceless."

Abigail S.

Verified Buyer


Learn more about the different solutions for different groups of people you are shopping for over on our blog The Wave. You can't have too much protection, find the solution that's right for each individual.