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The Healing Powers and Hidden Dangers of Frequencies | Melanie Marden

Who is Melanie Marden?

Melanie Marden is a Canadian-born actress, model, and health and wellness advocate. Melanie has dedicated herself to promoting a holistic approach to health, encompassing physical fitness, mental well-being, and natural skincare. Her book, Save Your Life: The Ultimate Guide to the True History of Cancer and How to Ignite Your Own Healing Powers, empowers readers to dive into their own healing abilities.

Melanie actively shares her health and wellness insights with her followers on social media. She provides tips on fitness routines, nutritional advice, and mental health strategies, encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She continues to inspire others with her dedication to health and wellness, blending her expertise in entertainment with her passion for helping people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Episode Overview on the Hidden Dangers of Frequencies

In this episode of The Wave Forward, Melanie Marden shares her journey and insights regarding the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health, and her involvement with Aries Tech products. Melanie began her journey by researching EMF impacts due to increasing awareness of health issues related to these fields. She discovered that Aries Tech products, initially developed for military use to mitigate harmful effects of signal towers, could be beneficial for consumer use.

Health Impact Observations

EMF exposure affects blood flow and cellular health, leading to symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and cognitive issues. Drawing from her experience, Melanie emphasizes that EMFs weaken cell walls, allowing toxins to enter and damage DNA. This contributes to any number of health issues, including cancer.

Through her work as a health and wellness advocate, Melanie has met many people exhibiting signs of EMF-related stress, such as hypothyroid conditions and adrenal fatigue. Increased radiation exposure is one of the main suspects of these symptoms, as it can impact overall health and energy levels.

Recommendations & Educational Efforts

In making a conscious effort to reduce EMF exposure, Melanie recommends unplugging Wi-Fi when not in use, using hardwired internet connections, and utilizing technology such as Aires Tech devices to harmonize EMFs and strengthen the body’s resilience.

Through her book Save Your Life, Melanie hopes to educate others about EMF risks and empower readers to take their healing into their own capable hands. She inspires us not to be passive victims, but to take proactive steps to mitigate our EMF exposure and improve overall well-being.

Podcast Transcription

00:00 - Melanie (Guest)

It sounds harmless. You know these little waves in the air that you can't see, they're invisible. Well, they're real.

00:07 - Michaela (Host)

Welcome to the Wave Forward, the podcast that dives deep into how technology shapes our health and well-being. From digital wellness to tech innovation, to the effects of electromagnetic fields, we cover the environmental, social and physical implications of technology. Ready to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, set your dial to discovery and tune in. You're listening to the Wave Forward, hey, melanie. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you for having me. I want to start off with, just like you, telling us a little bit about yourself. I know everyone's already heard a little bit of a bio in the beginning of the episode, but I want to hear it straight from the source.

00:53 - Melanie (Guest)

Okay, well, I guess my wellness journey started with my very sick mom. She ended up passing away with brain cancer in 2008. And, you know, I tried to, I think, overall, turn a negative into a positive, which is kind of my golden rule for life. So, in losing my mom, I gained a lot of wisdom and insight about the truth, about healing and the cancer industry specifically. So I decided I was going to make a documentary, because what I had learned was so profound and so incredibly illusion-shattering that I wanted the world to have access to this information as well. So the documentary started about, you know, 2009, and it's literally being done today.


Um, yes, I had a call with my editor yesterday and he's like okay, I think I can be able to send it to you tomorrow. So, fingers crossed, I might need to still do some voiceovers on it, but whatever. So the film is called save your life and while I've been waiting to, you know, self fund and finish this project, I decided I should also write a book, because there's just so much incredibly helpful information that I've learned from interviewing all these doctors and scientists and naturopaths and healers that I couldn't possibly fit it into a film. So I wrote the book. The book came out January 13th, 2023. And sorry, yes, 2023. And it's a bestseller, so it's a great useful tool. So I have the book and the movie's almost done and now I am so lucky and blessed I get to, you know, work with people every day that are looking to take their health more into their own hands, instead of just giving our power away to an annual visit with somebody in a white coat.

02:56 - Michaela (Host)

Quick break in the episode, you guys, because I've got to tell you about the amazing sponsor, Aries Tech. Aries Tech creates cream of the crop, top of the line EMF protection devices that do not interfere with your signal, but all of their technology is actually backed by peer reviewed, patent and published research that has been going on for almost 20 years. They were originally funded a couple of decades ago by the military to create a medical device that would help protect men and women who are working on radio signal towers without interfering with the signal, and have since become a consumer product as we have become more of a technological world. They're also used by professional athletes like Tiki Barber from the NFL Giants and Macy Barber from the UFC for performance optimization tools. You can go to their website,, and check out some really amazing studies where they've done some EEGs to show how these devices are affecting your baseline brain activity. It's really really cool.


I personally have one on me right now near me, because I have my phone, my computer, my camera, everything going on all at once in an office building where everyone has their own Wi-Fi, so I don't mess around. Check them out, Use code Intune I-N-T-U-N-E 30 for 30% off your entire order. Okay, so going into EMF, like how, how did this trickle into your world? Like you, you started with really investigating cancer and obviously that led you to be like, okay, not everything I thought to be true is true. So how did that, how did that trickle into your life?

04:22 - Melanie (Guest)

Well, you know, if we learn from someone like Rife, who cured cancer in 16 terminal patients and it was documented at the University of Southern California this is in the newspaper. There's dinners to celebrate him, there's images I've seen everything and it's all in my documentary, save your Life. So if we know that this gentleman used light, vibration and sound to cure cancer, then it sparks the question if you can do good with these things, then there's also the flip side. We live in a duality, so we need to pay attention to the other frequencies that we're exposed to and the damage that they can cause. So that's what started getting me going. And then I actually they put a massive cell tower about 20 blocks from my house, but I started getting so sick I didn't know that that's what it was. I was just having all kinds of symptoms. I had brain fog, apathy, depression, I couldn't sleep well, but I was always tired. I had digestion problems. I started getting rashes. I mean I've never, thank God, ever really been super sick, but to have all of these ailments popping up out of nowhere. I started to dig, and the more I dug, the more I learned that these were electromagnetic frequencies making me. I mean, I was basically, I had radiation poisoning.

05:54 - Michaela (Host)

So what's so interesting? Another fun fact that I found out is that, back when they wrote those regulations which you can see this in a lot of different industries and we won't go into it today, but they basically wrote into the regulations and into the law that you cannot fight the deployment of, like any kind of bandwidth with health, so, like you cannot use, like your response, your health response to fighting cell towers going up, and this is like really heavily affected people's ability to stop going up near schools and parks and all the things.


So what's so interesting about that, though, is that one of the really great marketing ideas that they had was to deploy 5g onto all the fire departments, cause that I mean like from a from a, you know, objective perspective, as a smart idea, because it's like the fire, you know, like the fire station is going to have quicker, you know, response times, and they're going to have, you know, their own communication, you know whatever. So they deployed all of these towers onto fire departments.


I mean if you think of firefighters, you think of like really strong, you know people that are not going to just be like conspiracy theorists and they're not going to be like you know, just immediately thinking that, oh, I just got sick because of this tower going up.


But they ended up getting so sick, like so many of them are getting so sick that it's actually a part of the fire department regulations that they cannot put cell towers on the fire departments anymore. So the fire department is protected on their own, but there's still no regulations in place to protect schools.

07:35 - Melanie (Guest)

I didn't know that. I didn't know that, and that's really disturbing. Um, you know another thing that I think people might start to be more mindful of or or aware of. Uh, you know, when we go to the airport and we go through this thing, oh yeah, so there's studies now showing that the employees in the airport that are standing next to that device all day are getting cancer on the side, that they stand against it. Wow, there is no doubt. I mean, you know, we listened to Joe Rogan and RFK. They had an amazing podcast on Rogan's, and RFK is a profound attorney who's fighting monstrous cases of appropriations. Huge environmental attorney.


Yes, but he's got multiple cases of people getting tumors from just their cell phone, like literally in the place of where it is. So he's, you know he's got cases as well and he speaks about it. You know wifi is is a wifi and Bluetooth are both capable of causing cancer. So that's where this kind of circles back to me, right Like I'm this big, you know healing person around cancer and helping everybody get well. And you know we have to look at that because it's a factor.

08:56 - Michaela (Host)

Yeah, I mean that's a really good point that you made about how that kind of came around of looking at the positive side of frequency and light and and this is like I mean a red light therapy is such a good example because it's so widely accepted that red light therapy is super healing, but there's a lot of different like it's. It's. I think this is going to continue to expand into the, into the kind of like the masses, of understanding these different frequencies and even my. I mean I know everybody has opinions about chiropractors and everything, but even my chiropractor has a light device that he uses for certain things and like he's saying, oh, there's so many studies coming out about light and the power of light and all of these different you know frequencies. So, um, even if you have a, you know opinions about you know, whatever you have opinions about chiropractors, medical people are using these devices. They're acknowledging that and it's, and it's been documented for years, for years and years and years.


That and it only makes sense. It makes sense that our, our bodies, are electrical beings. Like that's a fact. Any, any neural neurologist can tell you that that's a fact. Like you can tell so much about what's going on the body with like an EEG and stuff like that. We're constantly sending signals through the body, that's electrical currents. Like you can only imagine how these outside frequencies are either benefiting or negatively harming our bodies.

10:20 - Melanie (Guest)

Right, you brought up light and you know, kind of trying to validate the fact of light is healing. Well, if you take sunlight away, everything dies.

10:32 - Michaela (Host)

Yeah, that's a good point.

10:35 - Melanie (Guest)

It's healing. That's literally our life force is light. So that's the tech I work with a med tech, and that's the tech that I use is light. But I want to understand how is Aries Tech, your EMF? What word would you call it? A harmonizer Protection? Yeah, protection, emf protection. How is this one different from all of them out there? Because I think that so many people are, you know, being misled and misguided. There's so much out there that's just you know.

11:13 - Michaela (Host)

So I'll give you my own personal story, because I'm not like the scientist who made the technology and I can only tell you so much about my understanding of how it works. And I kind of have come to my own conclusion through my own understanding of the research. But I still feel like I'm not the best at explaining the technology. But I'm gonna do my best. So how I came across Aries was I was already heavily researching EMF At the point that my son was born.


He was born with something called jejunal atresia and so he had like a one in two million case. He had an upper intestine and a lower intestine but no middle intestine. And basically the surgeon who we love said you know, oh, this just happens sometimes in the first couple of weeks of gestation. There's not really a reason for any. You know he didn't give me anything and you know I was like at that point I was like eating all organic, I was like very healthy and I was very about I had my baby at home and then we had to transfer to the hospital. But anyway, I just wasn't satisfied with that answer and I'm and I always have to be really careful about how I have this conversation, because I never want to shame mothers, like when, when you know, hard things happen. It's not always your fault and you know we totally understand but also something happened biologically, to cause him to not have a middle intestine.


So I started researching. I found out I had the MTHFRG mutation, which I think did play a role. But then I also really started diving into EMF because I realized that in the first couple months of my gestation I was staying in a 200 square foot apartment that had my wifi plugged into my room and it just and I'll never be able to prove that that is what happened and you know, whatever, but the the matter of the fact is it opened my eyes. So I was doing all the things. I was getting the EMF protection blankets and I was trying all the stones and I was doing all the different things, but there wasn't a whole lot of stuff that I had found that actually had research that backed up what it said it did Right right.


Besides, like the blockers, which, like I, work from home.


So it's like, yeah, I could put a Wi-Fi blocker on my Wi-Fi when I'm not using it, or I can just unplug my Wi-Fi when I'm not using it, but ultimately I need to be able to use my Wi-Fi in my phone and I want to know we're going to be good, so, anyway.


So I found Aries Tech and then I interviewed the now CEO on my old podcast and, like he broke down all the technology and basically explained the way that it worked, which it works similar to like a noise canceling headphone, and how it kind of uses the ambient EMF to run through a pattern and make it a more cohesive, coherent wave that our body can easily absorb. So it's not canceling the wave, it's not blocking the wave because we're surrounded by EMS all the time. I mean, that's something that I don't think people really understand. Sometimes they understand it, but they understand it in like a way where it's like they use it to dispute EMF being harmful because they're like, oh well, everything has EMF, okay, but yeah you know, the earth has a frequency of seven Hertz and a 5g tower can give off up to 300 gigahertz, which is right on the line of it being an ionizing wave.


It's right below what they have already clearly determined to be to cause cancer ionizing wave.


So I started doing the research and then I had to talk with him and he told me all about how the Aries tech products were designed like two decades ago and they were funded by the military, basically this family, who was responsible for making medical devices for the military was hired on because they had these, you know those like those, like signal towers that travel, yeah, like they're portable, and so people were responding like people in the military were responding to these signal towers and having like really bad side effects, so they basically needed a device that would allow the signal to keep you know, to be as like the best signal it can be.


Yeah, exactly, and it not cancel or mitigate it or, you know, change it in any way, but then they needed to be able to make sure that the people weren't getting sick and they couldn't just wear, like head to toe, you know, radiation mask and all that. So, anyway, so that's where the research started and I really felt like that was kind of the selling point for me personally, because it was like, okay, there's so many products coming out and they're coming out with these products because it's a problem, because people know it's a problem because there's a lot of there's a lot of fear around it, there's a lot of questions around it, and so if you are a marketing person, you would say we should come out with an EMF product.


You know, and a lot of companies have ended up getting sued because their technology never worked but they claim that it did. So the technology was created two decades ago and it was never intended to be a consumer product and basically it was never intended to be a consumer product and basically it was all based on Tesla technology. So it was using like geometrical patterns and etchings to grab onto the passing, like ambient EMFs, to send it through, to create a coherent field. And basically, at the point that that I actually have one right here, I always keep one by my computer but basically the product does its job, initially to create this more coherent field that, depending on the product, it has its own, you know, range, but then at that point that field is really doing the work of the product. That field now becomes like an auto-tuning device that is changing the frequencies that are coming in its path to be more coherent with the body. So it's so interesting and it's it sounds woo-woo Like. When I first heard it I was like that sounds woo-woo, but there is a lot of research behind it. You guys like you should definitely go and like you can plug it, even if you, if you guys use chat GPT, you can plug in the studies to chat GPT and say summarize this, tell me if this is a credible study.


So then, two decades later, the you know, iphones and all of the things started coming out and his son, the guy who created the product, son Dimitri, was like oh, we have a solution for people. It's kind of just like a really awesome part of the product, like really what the product is doing.


It's like creating a biotropic field that is really boosting your own response to all of these environmental EMFs. So they're doing a lot of studies right now with like EEGs and like showing that it's actually helping your baseline brain function without any technology involved, like without you being on your phone or you know whatever. So they did do studies like that before, like being on your phone and then being on your phone with an Aries device. But now they're doing studies with, like just you know, stare into oblivion for five minutes and now put the Aries device on and do it again after a couple of minutes and showing them. It's really, really wild. I'm like, can I get in on one of those studies?

18:35 - Melanie (Guest)

Yeah, that's really incredible and I think it's important. Like you know, when I first started learning about EMFs, I did the same thing too. I had the blanket, I had the hat, I had this, you know, and I still have those things and I may use those kind of things when I'm traveling or whatever. But, you know, somebody explained it to me and it's very clever and very smart and I and I think this will help translate for a lot of people that are just learning this um is, instead of calling it EMFs, it's energy, right, and you can't stop energy. So if you know people are putting their phone in a Faraday fold, then where's the energy going? It's going to facilitate this area and it's going to be more there, so you can't stop energy right so if you like.


you know Faraday cages do work. If you're looking to block your signal and keep your phone not traceable, like it will not allow that energy to be found, but if you're trying to block it for yourself, the only way to really work is with a harmonizer.

19:42 - Michaela (Host)

Like to really boost your own body's ability to contend with what's happening because it's happening, it's all around us. It's really unavoidable at this point, and at this point now it's that we really need the tools to strengthen our body and strengthen our homeostasis. Like right now, it's like I don't even know if people are even getting into a place of homeostasis with how much we're being surrounded by all the time.

20:08 - Melanie (Guest)

Everyone's in fight or flight, and I'll tell you why. These devices radiate six feet in all directions always, even when they're turned off, and they're amplified when they're plugged in even if they're turned off. So a lot of people are like, well, I turn my phone off, I sleep with it beside me. That's the worst thing to do, but they radiate six feet in all directions, always.


So, if you think about it, if we could see this energy, you would have it from your Wi-Fi router, your cell phone, your computer, your kid's iPad, whatever the case may be. So you're being bombarded, so that prevents the body from dropping into rest and recovery, which is where the body starts to heal itself. So everyone's in fight or flight, and so that stresses your adrenals, that stresses the kidneys. Everyone's in fight or flight and so that stresses your adrenals, that stresses the kidneys that you know, prevents that deep REM sleep. So this is what I believe is the most important thing that anyone can do for their health, besides drinking really good, clean water, which is, you know, should be the top one. But I think EMS is the biggest problem right now. Based on the work that I'm, you know the patterns that I'm seeing with my work and the clients that I work with.

21:24 - Michaela (Host)

I would say to like another reason, like okay, so there's so many. This is why I was like okay, I really want to be part of this movement, because there's a lot of other things I have opinions about that people might not agree with me on, and that's fine. There's a lot of other things that, if you know, yes, there are things that might be feel that they've been hidden from us or like whatever, but it's like if you look, you'll find it and you can make your own choice. Right, you know what I mean.


Like in the end, you can make your own choice to to do what you want you know what I mean with your kids and to do what you want for yourself. And all of that, like by educating yourself and looking for answers. If you look for the answers, you will find them. That's the funny thing about it is that the answers are always there. You just have to be willing to look for them. And with EMF, it's one of those things where, like, hold on a second. This is undisputable. If you look at the research that is there, everyone says, oh, there's not enough research, and that's that's definitely true in the sense of like there isn't enough research on 5g before we have deployed 5g. We are part of an experiment right now and that is just a reality. We are going to see the effects of this two generations down the line. You know what I mean. Like it starts in fertility, it starts in utero. The, the frequencies we are being exposed to. There's so many studies showing that it is.


It is affecting our like a fulvic. You know our egg development, basically, and like what our eggs are being, are being grown in, and I had no idea this is such a horrible thing that I didn't know this. I did not know that women, when they're pregnant and they're having like a girl, the girl has all of her eggs by the time she's born.

23:01 - Melanie (Guest)

I did not know that I did, isn't that?

23:04 - Michaela (Host)

beautiful. Yes, so how you are protecting yourself when you are pregnant is so essential.


Yeah, so by 20 weeks they have their lifetime supply of eggs. And the frequencies that they're using for these studies are very, very low frequencies in comparison to what we are being exposed to like just in the ambient daily life now, with all of our tech going all the time, with all these cell towers around all of these studies and there's hundreds, if not thousands of studies that are using. A lot of them are using like 900 megahertz, which is back in like 1G days. It's, you know, way, way, way back yeah.

23:42 - Melanie (Guest)

Yeah, I want to mention a couple of things just in coherence with what you're saying. You know, the younger the person is, the more sensitive they are to EMS, and I think that's really important for parents to know and new moms that are becoming pregnant, because, like you said, you know, my grandmother had me inside of her when she was having my mom. So, yeah, it's pretty cool how the lineage is. Yeah, but the other thing that's interesting and I posted this yesterday there was a news article talking about Tesla and there's so much electromagnetic frequencies in these cars and a lot of the electric cars I shouldn't just single out one.


Yeah, but there was one thing I shared it on my Instagram and this woman was speaking about, after two years of driving this electric car, all of her sickness that was showing up and it's basically all the radiation poisoning that I was sharing with you earlier my symptoms and I thought, well, yeah, we're about that time that we're starting to see the accumulation, right, because that's what radiation is and people don't understand that. It's kind of like sipping a little poison every day. You know, if we're taking a little bit and not cleaning it out, that's when it starts to accumulate. And once it's accumulated, that's when we're seeing, you know, the damage to the mitochondria. So you're feeling less energy, feeling more tired, brain fog. Everything just starts to slow down. You know, even blood flow, until it causes enough stress that it's damaging our DNA and that's where we see the cell breakdown and cancer develop. So you know it's important that everybody do something, you know, even if it's just detoxing their body from this, or you know if they can take some sort of preventative action as well.

25:32 - Michaela (Host)

Start out by just unplugging your Wi-Fi when you're not using it.

25:36 - Melanie (Guest)

That was the first thing that I started. Well, I think that should be. I'm going to hardwire my house.

25:40 - Michaela (Host)

That's what we're doing too. We're going in. We're moving in the next month.

25:44 - Melanie (Guest)

Yeah, I just moved. So, yeah, I don't have any internet, which is why we're using my phone, because I can't use my computer. But I'm going to hardwire it. He's coming tomorrow, so yeah.

25:58 - Michaela (Host)

So you're like on the journey that I just when I talked to Dr Kent Chamberlain yesterday, that's what I was like okay, because I have and this is embarrassing to admit I have had the telecommunication company like box that you plug in and so we keep it on, like the wifi boxes that they're giving everybody that have the like. They're like oh, you can add this on for $20 a month. And he's like what they're doing is they're going to mass distribute it and then they're going to raise all the prices and no one's going to have the ability to hardwire anymore and you're going to have to pay it, but it's also going to be like.


I mean towers are going to have to be every couple of hundred feet 5g towers to work properly.

26:43 - Melanie (Guest)

I don't know about you, girl, but I have had the worst cell coverage since these towers were put in, so I don't really think it has anything to do with that?

26:51 - Michaela (Host)

Yeah, I don't even have my 5G on because I'm like it doesn't work.

26:54 - Melanie (Guest)

Never, never, girl. No, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth for me anywhere.

27:04 - Michaela (Host)

So when we move we're moving, next month we're not.

27:06 - Melanie (Guest)

We're getting that box shut off, we're getting ethernet and we're going to hardwire.

27:08 - Michaela (Host)

Yeah, we're really excited and I just like know that that's the right answer, because even at a very basic level of security and like it's. It's faster, it's more secure. You know it's not being like. You're not. You're not being like also connected to all these other people, cause what's happening is like that cell tower is feeding a lot of different people and so someone can all of these like home security things that are wifi. It's like someone can just shut off a tower and shut off the security for the entire neighborhood.

27:38 - Melanie (Guest)

Yeah, and all of these things, like we're just drinking more poison, like I need people to kind of correlate that Like it sounds harmless. You know, these little waves in the air that you can't see they're invisible. Well, they're, they're real. You know there's a book called the, is it the invisible rainbow? Invisible rainbow. It's a famous book and that is a very educational tool If people are, you know, just learning and wanting to understand better. Um, but this stuff is real and you know the bulk of society walking out there is in fight or flight. They're like, okay, I got to do this and I got to get to that. And like everyone's almost in like a mild panic and that is not a pleasant or healthy way to live. And if we can eliminate some of this toxic burden, um, the body can be like whoa and play a little catch up, you know. And um restore its um divinity.

28:38 - Michaela (Host)

Yeah, Okay, so you had mentioned before that your clients like you've seen it affecting your clients Like what do you mean by that?

28:47 - Melanie (Guest)

Well, I did a podcast with the owner of Cardio Miracle. Not that I'm trying to promote a product, but I love them and I do use it. Side note, yeah, I do. Their product has been able to reverse atherosclerosis and I'm going to draw you a picture and I'm not an artist, but this is what like.


I don't know if you can see it, but this is what healthy red blood cells look like, traveling through our vessels and arteries. When we pass radiation through the body, this is what happens One sidewall gets inflamed, the other sidewall gets inflamed and then some of the cells die. So now we have less room and less blood cells getting through. So what does that look like? Well, it would feel like being tired, drained, heavy brain fog, you know, slow recall, cognitive effects, and usually when the blood flow starts to get out of homeostasis, it starts to affect all other body systems. So I'm seeing a lot of hypothyroid which is being diagnosed as hypothyroid, but really it's just the thyroid not functioning optimally because it's not getting enough blood and nourishment or oxygen. So it's interesting. But the underlying cause that I'm seeing for everyone is this blood flow being affected from radiation.

30:26 - Michaela (Host)

That's so wild.

30:28 - Melanie (Guest)

It's crazy.

30:28 - Michaela (Host)

It makes a lot of sense.


I was going to say this earlier was like everybody thinks that it's. Everybody has their own opinion about what it is that's causing the rise of cancer, the rise of heart disease, the rise of strokes, the rise of children having autism and all different types of mental disorders, the rise of depression. We all have this different idea about what it is and I think that, yes, you can easily say it's accumulation of all the things. It's accumulation of the food, it's accumulation of our environment, of social media, of whatever it is. It's accumulation.


But also, what's so interesting to me about EMF is that when you really understand, like, what you're saying is that this is almost like, if you're thinking about, like you know I've heard this analogy before and I can't remember who I heard it from but if you're out there, thank you for this. But you know, if you have a castle, what your body is like, the castle and you're trying to protect it and all of the people inside your castle is you know they're, they're your, the cells, you know, and that's your army or whatever. So, basically, what EMFs are doing, they're the barricade.


They're like the barricade that is breaking down your, your castle wall that allows everything else, the whole army of environmental toxins and like all of this stuff to just flow right in. So I always thought, as EMS is like an environmental toxin and yeah, you can totally say that it is, but what I feel like it's a really fundamental aspect of health.

31:53 - Melanie (Guest)

Yeah, so I'm just going to actually like add to what you've just said, because you're absolutely right. It's the endothelium around the cell that the EMS will weaken and tear and allows for intracellular toxins to flow in. So that's why the damage to the mitochondria which is in the center of the cell. That's why the DNA damage. But you're right, it also opens up the blood-brain barrier. So now we're getting more heavy metals to the brain, more signs of neurodegeneration, ie strokes, sorry, Parkinson's dementia. We're seeing so much of this more than you know ever.


So yeah, it does a whole host of yeah, it does a whole host of things, but you're right, it breaks down the cell wall and allows for toxic overload of all kinds not just the EMF.

32:44 - Michaela (Host)

So everybody out there saying, oh it's food, oh it's this, oh it's that, they're correct, but it's added to giant microwave we're in also, is playing a huge.

32:55 - Melanie (Guest)

Yes, exactly, exactly. No, you're so right Now you say it. I love that. I'm going to use the castle analogy.

33:01 - Michaela (Host)

Yes, but I'm trying to think of what those things are called. Someone's going to tell me Um, all right, so really quick, tell everybody where they can find you.

33:09 - Melanie (Guest)

You know I I monitor my time on there, but I am active on Instagram, uh. So it's at official Melanie Martin, um, you can. You can find me there, uh, or you can look at um at my other website, which is If you'd like to make a charitable donation there, we would be very grateful. Trying to make this film has been a very uphill battle, but we're doing it, and now I just need to figure out how to get it out to the masses.

33:40 - Michaela (Host)

So that will be the next hill to climb need to figure out how to get it out to the masses, so that will be the next hill to climb.

33:47 - Melanie (Guest)

Okay, so no launch date yet but they can stay tuned on

33:51 - Michaela (Host)

Correct and then also get her book. Okay, and get her book Save your Life by Melanie Martin bestseller. You can get it right on Amazon. So yeah, Melanie, thank you so much. I really this is a such a good conversation. I feel like you communicated everything so well, so I really appreciate that.

34:06 - Melanie (Guest)

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. It's any chance to help humanity like look after themselves well and be empowered for their wellbeing. I'm here for it, so yay, thank you guys.

34:26 - Michaela (Host)

If you want to learn more about any of this, go to and we'll have um, we'll have a little overview of this podcast episode, but there's also, like everything we talked about, RFK JR, all of the stuff that we mentioned we've written about on So go check it out, join the community, share your EMF story, if you have one, and stay tuned, because we have a lot more coming.