UFC and Aires Tech Announce Global Partnership

UFC and Aires Tech Announce Global Partnership

After a groundbreaking deal, Aries Tech and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have officially announced a multi-year global partnership. This collaboration brings Aires Tech’s innovative products to a global audience, and it marks an incredible merging of technology, health, and sports entertainment.

Aires Tech and UFC Partnership Overview

On June 3, 2024, UFC and Aires Tech unveiled their multi-year global commercial partnership. This agreement makes Aires Tech an official partner of UFC, which grants the company significant visibility during UFC's major events. With over 700 million fans in 170 countries, and broadcasts reaching approximately 975 million households, UFC provides a massive platform to share Aires Tech’s mission to “provide cutting-edge solutions that protect against electromagnetic radiation without disrupting everyday use of technology.”

The partnership was facilitated by WME Sports, the powerhouse agency representing legendary athletes such as Serena Williams. This strategic move ensures that Aires Tech’s name will be prominently featured in monthly pay-per-view broadcasts and other media associated with UFC. The collaboration is poised to place Aires Tech in front of a diverse and extensive global audience, marking a significant step forward in the company’s goal to becoming a household name for EMF protection. This partnership includes the following components:

  • Broadcast Integration: Aires Tech’s name will appear in all UFC pay-per-view broadcasts, which are some of the most-watched in mixed martial arts, ensuring that Aires Tech's message reaches a broad audience.

  • Live Weigh-In Shows: Aires Tech will also be featured during UFC's live weigh-in shows, which are live-streamed on YouTube. The brand will be highlighted in a segment titled "Defensive Strategies," where hosts will analyze the defensive tactics of UFC athletes.

  • Original Content Creation: UFC and Aires Tech will collaborate on creating original content to be distributed through UFC’s extensive digital and social media channels.

  • In-Arena Promotions: Aires Tech will have a presence at select UFC events, including in-arena promotions. This direct engagement with fans at live events will further brand visibility and create memorable interactions for fans and consumers.

  • UFC Fan Experiences: Aires Tech will also participate in select UFC fan experiences, such as the UFC X event in Las Vegas. Events such as these offer unique opportunities to connect with dedicated fans and promote Aires Tech’s products in an interactive environment.

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Strategically Aligned Visions

With Aires Tech’s mission to protect and enhance human health and UFC’s commitment to excellence in sports entertainment, this agreement has created a powerful partnership. As Aires Tech CEO Josh Bruni states, “This collaboration not only amplifies our global reach but also connects us with UFC's dedicated audience, who value peak performance and personal well-being.”

Representing the UFC, Head of Global Partnerships Grant Norris-Jones states, “We’re thrilled to welcome Aires Tech as an official UFC partner. Aires aligns well with our brand in several respects, including their focus on innovation and being a first mover in their industry. Their emphasis on technology to promote health and wellness is a message we’re proud to support and share with our athletes and fans around the world.”

Bruni also emphasizes how well this partnership aligns with Aires Tech’s regional strongholds:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Australia

UFC’s global presence will significantly expand Aires Tech’s international reach. Now, families around the world who might not have otherwise heard of Aires Tech will have access to information and modulation technology to protect themselves from the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

“UFC’s vision of pushing boundaries and achieving peak performance aligns perfectly with Aires’ mission to offer cutting-edge EMF neutralizing and Bio-Frequency Modulation technology that both protects and enhances health and wellness. Partnering with UFC allows us to align with a global entity that shares our dedication to excellence and innovation.”

-Josh Bruni, Aires Tech CEO

Partnership with UFC Champion Maycee Barber

Aires Tech and UFC have crossed paths before, with champion UFC women’s flyweight Maycee Barber recently partnering with Aires Tech to safeguard herself from excessive EMF exposure and spread the word about this often-overlooked but extremely important aspect of human health.

Maycee Barber is known for pushing the boundaries of strength and endurance. As the best athletes know, overall health has to be a priority for optimal performance in the gym, on the field, or in the ring. Maycee has turned to Aires Tech to mitigate her exposure to electromagnetic radiation and take her health, and subsequently her performance, to the next level.

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Growth Trajectory

Not only does this partnership expand Aires Tech’s global reach, but it has also caught the attention of the financial world. After demonstrating robust performance with margins comparable to top technology companies like Apple and Nvidia, investors have already had their eyes on Aires Tech. This partnership brings a promise of more exposure on a global scale, bringing the Aires Tech name before a massive new audience.

Moving Forward

The partnership between UFC and Aires Tech marks a significant milestone for both organizations. By aligning with UFC, Aires Tech is set to increase its global presence, drive brand awareness, and solidify its position as a leader in EMF protection technology. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to the well-being of audiences worldwide.

This partnership is set to deliver substantial benefits for both as UFC continues to grow its global reach and Aires Tech expands its brand awareness. Fans can look forward to seeing Aires Tech featured in upcoming UFC events as well as experiencing the innovative solutions they offer to protect against EMFs. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from UFC and Aires Tech as they embark on this groundbreaking journey together!

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