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Maycee Barber + Aires Tech: EMF and the Athlete

Maycee “The Future” Barber is a mixed martial artist taking the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Women’s Flyweight division by storm. She has rightly earned a reputation for herself as a hard-charging leader of the next generation of female fighters. At 5′ 5″ and 126 pounds, the Colorado native continues to exemplify tenacity and dominance time and time again.

Maycee has recently partnered with us at Aires Tech, leaders in EMF (electromagnetic field) protection, to safeguard herself from excessive electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and also to help spread the word about this increasingly crucial area of human health. By using cutting-edge Aires Tech devices, like the Lifetune Go, she is leading the way for the next generation of athletes to take their performance and overall well-being to the next level.

We at Aires Tech are honored to support Maycee in her journey to becoming a UFC champion.

The Rise of Maycee Barber

Growing Up

Maycee was born on May 18, 1998, in Greeley, Colorado. Her martial arts journey began at just three years old when her parents enrolled her in karate classes. In 2010 her family decided to open their own martial arts school which transitioned her training into a strong focus in Jiu-Jitsu and eventually led to her competing in the sport. Her family has been a crucial part of her development as an athlete and continues to stand by her side to this day.

After graduating high school, Maycee enrolled at Adams State University before transferring to The Citadel Military College of South Carolina for her sophomore year. At The Citadel, she earned an associate degree in health services administration while simultaneously cultivating her love for combat sports.

Rising Through the Ranks

In 2017, she began her professional fighting career against Itzel Esquivel at LFA 14, securing a victory with an impressive first-round armbar submission. She quickly rose through the ranks in the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), securing an impressive 8-0 record in the regional circuits.

Her fighting career reached a tipping point when she was offered a UFC contract at just 20 years old after a win at Dana White’s Contender Series 13 in 2018. Barber’s UFC debut was made with a second-round TKO victory over Hannah Cifers on November 10, 2018, in her home state of Colorado at the UFC’s 25th anniversary event. At such a young age her skill was undeniable and she was well on her way toward her goal of being the youngest UFC champion in history.


As her UFC career blossomed, Maycee has continued to display dominance as a striker and also as a skilled grappler, more than owning up to the nickname “The Future” given to her by her family for her potential to lead the next generation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She currently is recognized for having the second-most knockouts in UFC Women’s Flyweight division history, with three to her name.

Despite facing setbacks due to inevitable injuries and a few losses, Barber remains focused on her goal of becoming a UFC champion, continuing to hone her abilities with each fight.

Health Optimization for Champion-Level Performance

All professional athletes eventually come to realize the importance of health optimization for their performance. One simply cannot expect to perform at an elite level without optimizing their physical health. This rule applies to martial artists perhaps more than in any other sport, particularly those who compete in MMA.

Professional MMA is a violent, brutal, and extremely taxing sport. It not only requires world-class strength, conditioning, and technical ability but also the ability to sustain the inevitable damage that will be received in the octagon.

Injuries are bound to happen when fighting in a cage for a living. Being that MMA is an individual sport, athletes also need to be able to recover from fights and training as quickly as possible if they want to compete regularly.

Health Outside the Gym

While pushing the boundaries of strength, endurance, and technique is essential, other key factors lay outside of the gym and the octagon. An important example of this is the invisible influence of technology and other aspects of modernity; EMF for example can hugely influence an athlete’s overall well-being. Maycee and her team have recognized the need for a more comprehensive approach to health than the status quo, making it a cornerstone of her journey to success.

Beyond the sweat-soaked sessions and meticulously planned drills, Maycee is dedicated to optimizing her health on every level in her journey to champion status.

“As a professional athlete, maintaining my health, wellness, and recovery is vital.”

-Maycee Barber

The Untapped Potential of Reducing EMF Exposure for Athletes

Nutrition, mindfulness, and functional fitness are becoming fairly common areas that athletes turn to for an extra edge. Maycee has opted to take things to the next level by addressing electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

These invisible electromagnetic waves are generated by the multitude of electronic devices in our modern world that can create a subtle yet impactful influence on an athlete’s physiology. From smartphones to wearable tech, the omnipresence of EMFs has become an integral part of the modern athlete’s daily life.

Recovery Rewired

Reducing EMF exposure has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of recovery. The body’s ability to recuperate after intense physical exertion is paramount for an athlete’s sustained peak performance. By minimizing exposure to electromagnetic fields, athletes can experience accelerated recovery times and reduced physiological stress, enabling them to push their limits more intensely and also more frequently.

Inflammation Control

Inflammation, a natural and necessary response to physical stress, can become a chokepoint to an athlete’s performance when left unregulated. Emerging research suggests a correlation between prolonged EMF exposure and increased inflammation. By actively managing their EMF footprint, athletes can potentially mitigate the inflammatory impact, providing a crucial advantage in maintaining peak physical condition.

Keep reading for the astonishing results from Maycee’s EEG brain scan demonstration, offering a tangible glimpse into the enhancements in cognitive function and overall well-being that come with effective EMF management.


Digital Balance

Athletes live in a world dominated by technology, where smartphones, fitness trackers, and Wi-Fi connectivity are everywhere. Striking a balance between harnessing the benefits of technology and minimizing EMF exposure requires nuance and dedication. Practical strategies, such as limiting screen time, using EMF-mitigating devices, and creating tech-free zones during rest periods, can empower athletes to navigate their digital environments while maximizing their well-being.

A Competitive Edge Unveiled

Realizing the potential benefits of reducing EMF exposure isn’t just about precaution, it’s about gaining a competitive edge that extends beneath the surface of what we see. Athletes who embrace a proactive approach to managing their electromagnetic environment often report improved focus, enhanced sleep quality, and a heightened overall sense of well-being.

Maycee Joins Forces with Aires Tech

Maycee has recently partnered with Aires Tech as a means to help her body cope with the stressors of professional fighting. World-class performance requires that an athlete does everything they can to encourage vitality, and Maycee has set her sights on mitigating her exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to help take her performance to the next level.

Aires Tech exists to be the most comprehensive, convenient, and effective solution for the reduction of negative consequences from EMF and EMR exposure. We are confident that our products will be a reliable and significant advantage in Maycee’s journey to the top. We also simply love to see athletes using our products to optimize their well-being, as we know that professional athletes tend to lead the way in implementing new cutting-edge technologies for their well-being.

It is our hope that athletes like Maycee will help us inspire people from all walks of life to protect themselves from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Check out Maycee’s EEG brain scan demonstration in the video below!

Maycee Barber on her Partnership With Aires Tech

“As a professional athlete, maintaining my health, wellness, and recovery is vital. I conducted thorough research on the impact of EMF on our bodies, leading me to seek a company with expertise in counteracting EMF’s harmful effects. Aires Tech emerged as the ideal choice. Their products not only improved my physical well-being but also positively affected my mood.


Aires Tech’s devices are stylish, easily portable, and effortlessly integrated into any home. They’re also simple to set up with smartphones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers. I’ve shared Aires Tech products with friends and family, who have also experienced notable benefits. Adapting to technology, Aires Tech stands out as a superior solution.”

– Maycee Barber

A Testament to a New Generation of Health Optimization

In the world of professional fighting, where excellence is a requirement, Maycee Barber’s journey toward peak performance stands as a testament to the power of holistic health optimization. Through her proactive approach, she has ventured beyond conventional training boundaries, recognizing the significance of factors that extend beyond the visible realm.

Maycee’s partnership with Aires Tech is a pioneering move towards health optimization, acknowledging the impact of EMF exposure on overall well-being. By weaving this partnership into her training repertoire, she has not only prioritized physical strength and skill but has also recognized the unseen forces that play a role in her journey to the top.

As we champion Maycee’s holistic approach to performance, we not only celebrate her victories in the octagon but also in her human pursuit of well-being and personal excellence. The journey to peak performance is multifaceted, but more in reach than most people think. With a comprehensive approach, we can unlock our full potential, both as athletes and as individuals navigating the intricacies of modern living.