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Children + Technology: Impacts on the Immune System from EMF

Digital technologies play a large role in the day-to-day lives of every family as almost every household has access to the internet and adopts mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Technology has carved its way into making life easier, better, and more comfortable for adults and kids.

However, in return for this enjoyable comfort, several bad repercussions can affect the body, and as human dependency on these digital gadgets deepens, the health risks attached increase considerably.

Medical research has consistently proven that regular use of smartphones, tablets, and other radiation-emitting devices in the environment constantly exposes everyone to Electromagnetic Radiation or EMF, causing diseases and biological imbalances.

While there are numerous kinds of research and studies by health professionals concerning the use of smart gadgets and the possible health risks caused by EMF radiation, little attention has been shown to the effects on the younger ones.

Children are not just miniature adults; their developing bodies and minds are particularly susceptible to environmental hazards like EMF radiation. Thus, it’s more crucial than ever to understand whether cell phone use and EMF radiation pose a health risk to them.

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How are children exposed to EMF Radiation?

Children are getting access to smart gadgets at an early age, as one-third of parents with children under the age of 12 report that their offspring started using a smartphone before turning 5, according to Pewresearch. In a study conducted in August 2021, 51% of participants said that their kids spent more than three hours a day using screens other than for homework, and one-third of the parents who responded said their kids watched screens for one to two hours per day. In 2023, the CDC reported the average screentime per age group as follows:

8-10 years old: 6 hours!

11-14 years old: 9 hours!

15-18 years old: 7.5 hours!

It’s key to control this lever to see any change!

Due to their sensitivity, children may suffer if exposed to radiation agents over an extended time. Numerous studies have also raised serious concerns about sensitivity in sites like schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and other public buildings and the likely EMF sensitivity exposure children face.

Aside from the use of mobile gadgets, transmission lines that are deployed underground in urban areas might nonetheless harm the general public. Hence, children and adults constantly battle with a hazardous amount of radiation that constitutes harm. Yet, only a particular age demographic faces grave danger — which is the children.

Radiation is inescapable as it is anywhere and everywhere simultaneously. Parents can neither control nor limit the emission of EMF radiation from the numerous sources available. They can rather control their child(ren)’s absorption rate. The more exposed a child is to radiation, the higher the risk of developing mild to life-threatening diseases. Although many research studies show the long-term effects of EMF radiation in adults, only a handful explain the effects on children’s immune systems.

Effects of EMF Radiation on the Immune System of Children

Lately, children are becoming more exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at younger ages as a result of the quick advancements in EMF technologies and communications. They are exposed to a complex mixture of weak magnetic and electric fields at school and home due to the production and transmission of electricity, home appliances, and other industrial and commercial equipment, as well as telecommunications and broadcasting.

A broad range of symptoms has been attributed by some members of the public to low levels of electromagnetic field exposure at home. There have been reports of headaches and anxiety in school and at home. Parents are now noticing a considerable change in their kids’ behavioral patterns as they become visibly communicating and expressing their opinions.

Sadness and mood swings are one of the side effects of radiation in kids, as seen and reported by many parents. Children no longer derive joy in activities that do not pertain to a smart device and have been conditioned to only stick to their gadgets. Many parents have also reported an increase in eye problems in their kids. EMF radiation has impacted the muscles surrounding the eyes responsible for dilating and contracting pupils.

Children may also experience difficulty concentrating in school or assigned tasks. Difficulty in concentrating is a glaring symptom of nervous system disorder leading to agitation and appetite problems. In rare cases, EMF radiation can cause the unexpected growth of cancer or tumors in the body.

Although the risks are slim and many research studies are yet to place a stand on a verdict, several studies have drawn a link between excessive EMF absorption and the growth of foreign biological components in the body or brain.

The possible risks of this exposure are endless and can vary from child to child. However, it is generally known that these EMF effects and those on other biological processes (such as DNA damage and neurological impacts) occur at exposure levels that are well below the majority of existing national and international safety standards.

EMFs impair immune function by triggering a range of allergic and inflammatory reactions as well as having an impact on the processes involved in tissue healing. The risks of several diseases, including cancer, are raised by such abnormalities. Toys that produce radiation are sold for use by young babies and toddlers and children of school age have been found to have a rare case of digital dementia. Also, there has been a case study that showed when cellphones are placed in teenage girls’ bras multiple primary breast cancers develop beneath where phones are placed.

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The WHO and other organizations have assessed a wide range of sources and exposures to electromagnetic fields in the home and workplace. According to the body of research, overwhelming environmental exposure to radiation fields may enhance the chance of any unfavorable outcome, including spontaneous abortions, abnormalities, low birth weight, and congenital illnesses. There have also been sporadic reports of links between health issues and suspected exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as reports of prematurity and low birth weight in children of radioactive industry workers.

To help provide awareness about the severity of EMF radiation to the entire public, extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields emitted by smart devices are now categorized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a “possible human carcinogen” due to consistent epidemiologic evidence of a connection between exposure to these fields and pediatric leukemia.

Why are children’s immune systems more susceptible to EMF Radiation?

Recent research from the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) in the UK identified evidence suggesting that EMF exposures greater than 0.4 microteslas (T) are linked to a doubling of the incidence of leukemia in children. Their brain tissue is much more conductive, allowing for more RF energy penetration into their bodies.

Children face greater hazards since they are exposed for a longer period. Their nervous system is more susceptible than that of adults to the effects of EMF exposure due to their developing nervous systems’. In addition, kids who were exposed to high-current electrical wiring close to their homes had a higher risk of developing cancer, according to research done in Denver, Colorado (USA) in 1979 on children with leukemia.

Due to their more absorbent brain tissues, thinner skulls, and lower relative sizes, children absorb more radiation than adults. Now that extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields have been identified as a potential human carcinogen, children are more at risk than adults.

Tumors inflicted on children may not be discovered until far into adulthood since the usual latency period between the initial exposure and diagnosis of a tumor might be decades. Developing kids are also susceptible to radiation as it can cause the protective myelin coating that encases brain neurons to deteriorate.

How can parents protect their kids from EMF Radiation?

Protecting yourself and your kids from EMF radiation is a tough task, as radiation is everywhere. However, there are simple ways that can help limit emissions in your home.

As much as you can, turn off your cell phone and tablet or put them in airplane mode and keep TVs, computers, cordless phones, and cell phones out of children’s bedrooms. While sleeping, unplug all electronics from the bedroom and switch to a battery-powered alarm clock if you require one. Instead of utilizing WiFi, use a hardwired internet connection, and keep Bluetooth and wireless gadgets to a minimum.

Although these research studies may cause parents to worry and the aforementioned safety measures seem impossible, they serve as a helpful reminder to restrict children’s screen time as well as their exposure to electromagnetic field radiation from cell phones and other devices (EMF).

In addition, parents should be aware that there are biologically established exposure requirements to avoid disruption of regular bodily functions and potential negative health effects of chronic EMF exposure.

However, these standards are not enough for your kids’ protection, and extra measures must be included to guarantee their total safety. One of the trusted measures includes using an EMF-neutralizing device that renders these constantly emitting radiation harmless around your child.

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Updated: Aug 14th, 2023