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Aires Tech : The Ideal Gift for Your Technology Lover

Is there someone you can think of that is an avid gamer? Or someone you go to when you want to know about the latest tech because they’re always updated? Or even someone who collects the best tech in the market? Well, they may not be aware but they’re at a very high risk of EMF radiation because of their likely prolonged exposure. For example, gamers could be an at-risk group of consumers because:

  • Number of devices: When you think about it, gamers use at least 10 devices at once from their headphones to their monitor to their mouse – when added up, the level of EMF radiation can be alarming & concerning.
  • Concentration of devices in an area: Gamers are more likely to have all their devices concentrated in a small room/area, which can be detrimental because that means that the radiation they experience can be extremely strong, and without protection, they are more likely to experience damaging effects even just in the short run.
  • Prolonged exposure: Many gamers are actually trying to maximize their performance (against themselves or against others), or looking for an escape for their reality. This results in them using their devices for a long time, which as mentioned can be harmful due to the intensity & strength of the radiation. Many gamers also experience depression/anxiety because of how long they use these devices

Other than gamers, in the last one year, as most of us have started working remotely, (36.2 million americans by 2025), we’ve also become an at-risk group. Most of us have carefully created an at-home office, where we have all our devices (monitor, laptop, mouse, speaker etc.) – and this concentration of devices combined with the fact that we spend a lot of time here focusing, means that we’re all strongly affected by EMFs. From this, you can see why it’s necessary to take the right precautions as soon as possible – before it’s too late and you experience the negative effects permanently. Hopefully AiresTech makes the top of your Christmas wishlist & gift list because – there’s no other better gift than the gift of radiation protection!

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