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Modulation vs. Blocking: How does it work and which is better?


Our reliance on electronic devices is essential to our day to day lives, and avoidance is not a realistic solution for most. While exposure to the radiation from all of these devices can impact your well-being, there are solutions to optimize this reality in our environment. The two main options for EMF protection are blocking and modulation technologies. It is important to know the difference when deciding which solution fits your lifestyle.

Modulation and Blocking Explained

One approach to EMF protection is “blocking” or “shielding” products, which primarily rely on the use of conductive or magnetic materials such as metals. They lower the exposure to EMR by absorbing the waves or acting as a barrier between you and the source. Some consumer products that utilize blocking technology may use metals that divert the radiation, without absorbing it like other conductive materials, to form a barrier that blocks the waves moving towards the body.

Aires Tech products modulate rather than block EMR/EMFs. Our patented nanotechnology transforms EMR waves not only from our individual devices, but also from the surrounding sources of radiation. A major problem with the waves from technogenic sources is that they are non-coherent, meaning they are inconsistent and incompatible with our own biological EMR. Modulation technology allows for protection from EMFs by converting the waves into a coherent form, harmonizing them with our own and optimizing our environments. A thorough, scientific explanation for this process is available on our “How It Works” page.

Which Approach is Better?

While some EMF blocking products are effective for shielding the body, there are flaws in the functionality for complete protection. In some cases, by blocking the radiation from devices that connect to the internet or bluetooth, you can lose full functionality of the technology. Additionally, the electronic device may overcompensate for its lack of connection, ultimately increasing the amount of radiation.

Some EMF blocking accessories or products may be designed to avoid issues with functionality by only including the material which acts as a shield on the side closest to the body. However, the products that utilize this approach must remain directly between your body and the source of the technogenic radiation for reliability. While these products may be effective when used properly, it can make surrounding EMF protection more difficult to achieve with the growing number of electronic devices that constantly emit radiation around us.

On the other hand, EMF modulation allows for the continued use of your necessary technology, without any interruption to your lifestyle. This revolutionary approach to EMF protection is a solution without disruption to the functionality of your electronics, improving your wellbeing without interruption. Modulation technology harmonizes all of the EMR waves within the effective range, offering surrounding protection for anyone within that area. While blocking requires constant, active use of products that shield you, the passive functionality of modulation helps optimize your life with minimal effort. Aires Tech products help optimize your ever changing environment with modulation that is versatile, minimal, and customizable based on your lifestyle. SHOP NOW!