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Guest Feature: Meet Taylor Morgan


What’s up Captains?! My name is Captain Taylor Morgan and I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, podcast host, and founder of The Captain’s Lifestyle Program where I help men optimize their health, productivity, and masculine energy by becoming The Captains of their own lives. Over the past 10 years, after struggling to gain muscle as a kid, dealing with stress and trouble sleeping in the Marine Corps, and then brain fog and inflammation as a CrossFit coach, I’ve been on a personal development journey. Learning everything I can about lifestyle optimization. One of my main sources of information at the time was Ben Greenfield’s podcast, which is where I first heard about EMFs. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never heard anything about them before and it was hard to imagine that a lot of my issues could be contributed to invisible waves from wifi, Bluetooth, and my phone, which I was on constantly. As I kept listening to the episode it started to make sense. The way Ben explained it was so matter of fact and he had tons of research to back it up. I continued to listen to more podcasts and read articles on the topic. Turns out, there’s over 30,000 studies that talk about the damages of EMFs and oxidative stress. I am no longer skeptical. With all this knowledge, I now understood just how big of an impact chronic EMF exposure can have on our overall health, happiness, and productivity. I started keeping my phone on airplane mode when I wasn’t using it and stopped using Bluetooth headphones. I started to sleep better and my recovery was improving (I tracked it using a Whoop wristband). But I still wasn’t experiencing the full effects of being protected from EMFs because I was still surrounded by WiFi, cell towers, and other electronic devices, especially while traveling. I travel often for podcast interviews, business masterminds, personal development seminars, and in-person mens retreats that I host. At the time, I was still experiencing the stress, irritability, fatigue, and inflammation from all the EMFs while traveling. Turns out keeping your phone on airplane mode doesn’t do much when everyone around you is using their devices. Thankfully, I’m a podcast host so brands are always reaching out to me with their products. One of those brands was Lambs EMF blocking clothing, which are super effective, but they only protect the parts of the body that they cover. After my interview with the CEO of Lambs, Aires reached out and introduced me to their products (podcast coming soon). I was hooked. I wear their Mini around my neck, I have their Devices on all my electronics, and I put their Personal on my wifi router. Now I had a way of being protected 24/7. I noticed my brain fog and irritability start to disappear, my stress was dramatically reduced, my sleep and recovery improved even more, which allowed for faster muscle gain. When I travel, I always wear the Mini around my neck and I also have one on my suitcase. That combined with the Lambs clothing has been a game changer! I no longer get all that inflammation or fatigue from long flights. Even when flights are delayed or my luggage is lost, I no longer get stressed out or irritated which I attribute, in part, to the reduction in oxidative stress that Aires products provide. They’ve also given me peace of mind when traveling to big cities that are jam-packed with 5g on every corner. Now, Aires has rightfully dubbed be, “The Traveling Biohacker.” And let me tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Traveling is much more enjoyable now. I’m also able to be much more productive without a foggy brain or feeling wiped out from travel. I’ve noticed such a big difference since using Aires products that I bought a bunch of their Devices to give out to all of my friends and family. I also include them in The Captain’s Lifestyle Program so my clients can feel the changes as well.
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