"Some of the most noticeable effects I have experienced since wearing Lifetune products are improved sleep, reduced stress, and a new level of focus and mental clarity."


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The Traveling Biohacker

With a consistent schedule of travel for his holistic lifestyle coaching business, Taylor keeps the Lifetune One on his personal tech like his cellphone and tablet for protection on the go.

Optimizing Performance Inside & Out

With his health and wellbeing at the top of his priority list, exposure to EMFs on a daily basis is inevitable. By wearing the Lifetune Go, Taylor is able to mitigate stress and improve his workouts and sleep quality every day.

Taylor Morgan Sat Down with Aires Tech CEO JOSH BRUNI about the dangers of EMF exposure on The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast

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Taylor shares more information on the harms of EMF and other environmental toxins over at @captain_taylor_morgan