April 26, 2022 3 min read

Emf meters are a valuable tool when trying to understand your level of exposure. We often get asked if they are compatible when using our products, and there is a very simple answer for this. Let’s explore what EMF readers are and how they can be used with Aires products!

What is an EMF Meter?

The growing amount of technology, as well as the infrastructure to support them, has caused growing concern about the EMF we are exposed to in our homes, at work, and more. Additionally, unclear information surrounding the true amount of radiation from everyday electronics, as well as the daily and long-term health impacts, more are more people are taking measures into their own hands. One way to get a better understanding of your and your family’s exposure is to use an EMF meter. 

Quality EMF meters measure three types of radiation in a given area: electric field, magnetic field, and radio frequency (RF). They can help to identify the strength and frequency of the EMF within a given area in order to understand where there may be greater exposure than others. Measuring the frequency detects the RF, pointing to the source while measuring the strength can determine the level of electromagnetic energy. 

Check out this detailedguide on how to properly use an EMF meter from a trusted resource and top Aires affiliate, EMF Academy. 

EMF Readers and Aires

Now that you know what an EMF meter is, it’s important to understand how it can be used in conjunction with the Aires Technology.Utilizing an EMF reader can help identify "hot spots" of EMR in your home, office, car, and beyond. By testing certain areas in your home or other places you frequent, you can better understand where the greater risks of exposure are and make an informed decision on where you need the most protection. This will help your Aires Tech products work more effectively and efficiently for your lifestyle. 


Customers frequently ask if they can use EMF meters with our products, or are confused as to why they do not see a difference in the reading when an Aires product is nearby. To better understand the reasoning behind this, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the mechanism by which our products work. 

Unlike EMF blocking products on the market, Aries utilizesmodulation technology, which does not block or absorb the radiation, but rather transforms it. Additionally, the purpose of Aires is to reduce the biological impact of EMF. Since the focus is on the effect on your body, that is where the results or efficacy of the product are proven. Rather than measuring the amount of radiation in a given space or from a particular source, the

A great example that can help you better understand how Aires works and why it does not change a reading on an EMF meter is noise-canceling headphones. When using noise-canceling headphones, the external sound that is being blocked does not disappear or even appear differently to the outside world. Instead, the point of contact with your body, is where there is a notable difference. With Aires, the appearance of the EMF on the outside will remain the same, but in when the radiation reaches your body, the impact is minimized. 

To read the proven results of Aires Technology please read our scientific testing and watch our video to see it in action with EEG brain scanning. 

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