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5G : Would you trade your health for a faster internet connection?

What is better than a good internet connection? An even better and faster one. Like every avid gadget user, an increasingly fast internet connection solves every underlying issue we might face at the moment. From that email to streaming on Netflix or sending that text messages, fast internet is the solution.

While technology becomes more progressive, the average family begins to depend wholly or partially on certain Internet of Things (IoT)-centric gadgets like VR and AR sets, and these devices only give their maximum when they access good internet.

With the fast internet, we can easily enjoy augmented reality, high-resolution video streaming, a smart environment, e-health care, and many more. However, this ease and accessibility come with a price that is entirely aside from the expensive cost of the devices.

What is 5G?

In telecommunications, 5G stands for the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. It is the newly approved broadband for cellular phone companies that began deploying worldwide in 2019 and is also the successor to the 4G networks, which are used in most cell phones.

According to the GSM Association, over 1 billion mobile subscribers will use the 5G network by 2025.

How does 5G work?

When network providers intend to map out their desired geographical area for service provision, they do this by dividing these areas into small areas called cells. They then utilize the FR2, a millimeter wave designed for more capacity and better throughputs.

These waves have a shatter frequency range that caters to a smaller cell, and all wireless 5G devices in that cell communicate via radio waves that are emitted by cellular base station antennas, set to specific frequency channels.

These base stations, also called nodes, depend on switching stations owned by the telephone network and require the router’s high bandwidth optical fibers to provide internet. This advanced technology is expected to provide fast internet to over one million devices within a square kilometer.

4G vs. 5G: Which network bandwidth is worse healthwise?

As many cellular providers adjust their network bandwidth from 4G to 5G, experts worry about the following health effects of this change. Likewise, 4G and other preceding network types, 5G will also use the millimeter waves and will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters let unit area.

Since 5G aims to surpass the network capability, speed, and latency of 4G, several features are being included to ensure we get the best internet connection; however, this does come with corresponding risks.

Since 5G antennas are placed nearer to the average individual homes, due to their limited reach, these families and individuals are now exposed to wave radiations that are constantly being emitted by these antennas. Also, new technologies like the massive multiple inputs and outputs, also known as the massive MIMO and the phased arrays, pose more risks to users.

IoT gadgets require higher data rates, large bandwidth, increased capacity, and low latency, to meet up with these demands, 5G uses an additional higher-frequency radio wave in addition to the low- and medium-band frequencies used in previous cellular networks. These multiple radio waves increase the emission and exposure level of the average resident in 5G-dominated areas.

5G offers better internet service since it operates on a high-frequency spectrum that has a wavelength range of 30 GHz and 300 GHz, compared to 4G LTE’s 6 GHz; hence, we are exposed to more radiation exposure than before.

What scientific research and experts say about the danger of 5G

Unlike the 4G technology that was received with wide arms, the case is a bit different with 5G as there was a massive uproar to its arrival. Moreso, this can be attributed to the time of its arrival, as there was already nationwide unrest about the present health standards, and the arrival of a new form of technology seemed life-threatening.

Unlike most times that science debunks the blind quotes of most United States senator’s opinions, several journals prove the dangers of the new 5G technology. Let’s recount the early words of Senator Richard M. Burr, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who raised awareness of the dangers of the 5G network and how it poses risks.

This inadvertently led to agitation as residents were concerned about the newly erected 5G towers and how they will expose them to a whole new level of radiation upon certain health assessments.

Research from the journals of the biomedical and engineering department of the Shiraz University of Medicine shows certain links to the new 5G technology and carcinogenesis. The research explains the correlation of possible skin cancer and tumor growths to the rollout of this technology and heavily questions the European Union organization responsible for health and safety on their inability to acknowledge an appeal signed, approved, and endorsed by almost 400 scientists and medical doctors on their request to delay the deployment of the 5G technology until more research is done.

How to prevent the dangerous effect of 5G tech

While we currently know the physical and medical dangers of EMF radiation, like an increase in certain types of head and neck tumors, these dangers are multidimensional and are not limited to health as certain research shows it might even be climatic. If so, there is a great need to protect ourselves from these dangers.

Since it is inherently impossible to stop using all technological gadgets or limit our movements to the terrains of our homes, there are other ways to save ourselves from radiation exposure. One of these trusted ways is to use radiation-limiting devices that neutralize the negative effects of EMF and render them useless.


It’s impossible to avoid EMF radiation as they are everywhere, and we are constantly being exposed to their side effects. Hence, it is advised to limit exposure as much as possible.

Airestech Lifetune also offers numerous EMF-limiting devices that provide round-the-clock maximum protection from EMF radiation. This ensures you and your family are safe from radiation at ALL times.