Us vs Them

Products that simply block radiation may disrupt your day to day activity by interrupting your connectivity or requiring constant, active use

The Aires DIfference

Our technology modulates EMF, rather than blocking it. Traditional EMF blockers use conductive materials to absorb EMF waves and act as a barrier between you and the source. With Aires, we use patented nanotechnology to convert EMF into waves that harmonize with your natural frequency to eliminate interference.

Aires in Action

Proof you can see with our recent EEG brain scan demonstration with an expert neuroscientist


Unprotected - Airestech


Lifetune Protected - Airestech

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What People Are Saying

"Absolutely excellent and I can't recommend the Aires products highly enough. As soon as I started using the products it got rid of a stressed and tense feeling in the house and a really feeling on peace and purlty replaced it."

"If I could give 10 stars, I would!!! I bought 3 lifetune devices total. One for me and one for two other family members. My irritability is completely gone, subtle migraines are completely gone, and I always sleep good, but after having this device I haven't had this kind of deep sleep in a few years!!! Now I have the best sleep ever. "

"Totally feel a difference with less head fog throughout the day!!! So grateful for this product & all the research backing it."