As Seen On Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew

As Seen On Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew

Sccientifically Proven EMF Protection
Start Using Phone with Peace Of Mind
Set IT and Forget it design
Protecting Customers
Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation With Patented NanoTechnology

While you’re reading this on your device right now, you’re being heavily bombarded by dangerous EMF radiations — an invisible threat around all of us. 

You can not escape the digital technology today. But you can save yourself from the dangerous EMF radiation emitting from it. Lifetune One is your personal shield that protects you from harmful radiation and promotes a healthy digital lifestyle.

Watch Dr. Drew and Aires Tech CEO discuss EMF radiation risks and Lifetune is the convenient technology protecting people every day.

Clinically proven to protect from EMFs

Set-it-and-forget-it design for convenience 

Protecting 100,000+ happy customers every day

Backed by 22 patents, 25+ clinical trials & 9 peer-reviewed studies





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