EMFs Are A Proven Risk To Maximized Fertility — Here's 5 Reasons Why You And Your Partner Need To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation

“You might have heard that carrying your phone in your pocket can reduce your testosterone levels and sperm count, and guess what? That is true.” 

— Andrew Huberman, Neuroscientist

1. Studies Prove EMF Radiation Impacts Many Parts Of The Reproductive Systems Including:

  • Cellular function

  • Hormonal balance

  • DNA and gene expression

  • Oxidative stress

  • Sleep and metabolism

The science is clear - EMFs impact the key bodily functions involved in fertility health.

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Functional Medicine Expert

"When you encounter EMFs these fields of energy are able to penetrate deep into your body. Once they make contact with your body, these EMFs begin wreaking havoc at the cellular level"

2. Risks to male fertility: Guys, protect those swimmers. They're threatened by daily EMF exposure.

The impacts of EMF on male fertility are relatively straightforward and a plethora of research and reviews of those studies demonstrate a direct negative effect on key parts of their reproductive system. Data from this research shows impacts on sperm's motility, viability, concentration, and overall quality.

These impacts on sperm health could also be directly related to the effects on the brain, heart, endocrine system, and reproductive function also caused by EMF. To summarize, male fertility is scientifically proven to be negatively impacted by radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other everyday electronics.

Citation: https://doi.org/10.5653/cerm.2012.39.1.1

3. Negative impacts on female fertility: Ladies, it's not enough we were born with our eggs. We need to protect them and our babies in utero, they're exposed too!

The impacts of EMF on female fertility are more complex and research is harder to conduct, however, using animal models, there are a variety of studies revealing harmful effects. These include:
Negative impacts on ovarian cells and follicles, endometrial tissue, cycles, reproductive endocrine hormones, developing embryos, and fetal development.

RF radiation can also increase oxidative stress in the uterus and ovaries, which can inhibit cell growth and cause DNA disruptions. To summarize, EMF from electronic devices can cause impacts in multiple parts of the female reproductive system, causing an overall disturbance to normal function.

Citation: https://doi.org/10.5653/cerm.2012.39.1.1


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