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What does modulate mean?

Modulate simply means to alter or transform. Specific to EMF, modulating involves changing the amplitude or frequency of a wave to a more biologically friendly form. That’s how we eliminate the harmful effects of radiation from your devices!

Do the Aires Lifetune products need to be charged or cleansed?

Nope! Our products are powered by the surrounding sources of electromagnetic radiation (aka energy!)

Where can I find the peer-reviewed studies and why do they matter?

On our technology page! We’ve made free versions accessible for our customers on our site.

Peer-reviewed studies are significant in the fact that not only was the initial study/research done on the subject, but peers in the respective industry reviewed and gave their 'stamp of approval' on the findings from said research. Learn more about peer-reviewed studies vs. third-party testing and why they are not equal in validation.

What does nanotechnology mean?

You will see us use this word to describe our product. The term however may not be present in our literature or patents. That’s because the more technical name for the core of our product is a “circular diffraction lattice”. We adopted the term nanotechnology to more simply describe it because it is a technical device, developed with physics, at a scale that is so small its intricacies are invisible to the human eye. 

How Do I Verify It Works?

Many are puzzled as to why EMF meters remain unchanged when using Aires products. While EMF meters are fantastic for pinpointing areas of high EMR in homes, workplaces, and vehicles (ideal spots for your Aires products), they don't measure the effectiveness of the Aires device itself. The key to understanding this lies in the unique operating principle of our products: modulation.

Aires technology doesn't simply block EMFs in the conventional sense. Instead, it modulates, transforming radiation rather than eliminating it. This means our devices aim to lessen the biological effects of EMFs, while still ensuring other electronic gadgets work as intended. This also clarifies why traditional EMF meters don't serve as an indicator of our product's performance, since the true measure of effectiveness is its impact on the human body, not just the radiation levels in a given space.

What Does the EEG Brain Scan Show With Aires Lifetune?

The demonstration was led by Dr. Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D., BCN, QEEG-D. Dr. Dogris brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive work in neurostimulation and neuromodulation. Importantly, Dr. Dogris approached this demonstration without any prior exposure to Aires Tech, ensuring an unbiased and professional evaluation. His sole task was to perform standard EEG and qEEG tests, comparing results with and without the use of Aires devices.

The brain scan, known as EEG, was utilized to depict neuron activity in the brain, illustrated by distinct colors in the brain images. These colors provide a comparison of the individual's EEG data to the average scores (z-scores) of a similar age and gender demographic. Specifically:

Red, orange, and yellow indicate heightened activity.

Greens represent the norm.

Blues signify reduced activity.

Though our primary focus wasn't on measuring heat, the EEG's analysis, termed qEEG, allowed Dr. Dogris to share insights on the potential impacts of tissue heating on the brain. You're invited to view his comprehensive analysis of the demonstration here.

Learn more about why EEG is a real-time proof of effectiveness of our solution here.

Why are patents important?

The process of submitting, approval and obtaining patents for both design and function are rigorous, costly processes. Over the course of two decades we have filed patents for our design, for each evolution of our products, as well as for our invention and function of the technology that Lifetune possesses. This is important for many reasons, and not only for intellectual property protection but to verify the extensive research, scientific study and development of our technology to the world.

Historical patents for our invention and therefore the function of our technology were registered in Russia, where it was developed (see list below for invention). As we have grown, we have filed industrial design patents in other countries (available on our technology page). Improvements in the technology and growth as a company led to us filing with the WIPO for a utility patent. All of the information above was submitted in 2019 to WIPO for evaluation for our newest patent:METHOD FOR PROTECTING BIOLOGICAL OBJECTS FROM THE NEGATIVE INFLUENCE OF TECHNOGENIC ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION

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