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What are the dimensions of the Lifetune Flex?

The product is 35mm (1.37in) in diameter.

What is the effective range?

The effective coverage diameter is 48 feet for the Lifetune Flex.

What is the difference between the Lifetune Flex and Go?

The main differences between the Lifetune Go & the Lifetune Flex is the size of the microprocessor embedded & the diameter of the protection provided. While the Lifetune Go is slightly smaller in size compared to the Lifetune Flex, so is the microprocessor embedded in the device & the total diameter of protection.

Is the Lifetune Flex waterproof?

Yes! The Lifetune Flex is waterproof, although we don’t recommend having the device submerged for long periods of time

Do I install the Lifetune Flex?

The Flex does not require installation. It can be carried as is, on the provided key ring, or attached to a chain to be worn as a pendant. The Flex has a protective polymer coating and is water-resistant.

How do I know if my Aires product is damaged?

Some signs of damage to look for are any cracks, chips or other wear and tear in or around the microprocessor. In addition, some signs of water damage include droplets/bubbling either in or around the microprocessor or discolouration of this area.

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