EMF Impact On Me

In the digital age, we are continuously surrounded by a large variety of electronic devices and the infrastructure to support them. Man-made, technogenic EMFs are proven to have biological effects on the human body and the environment.

Benefits of Aires

We offer a technology solution for a technology problem with patented microprocessors that reduce + modulate EMF waves. By transforming EMF, rather than blocking it, you are protected while maintaining full functionality of your technology.

Solutions For Your LifeStyle

Unlike other EMF/EMR brands, our technology does not interfere with the functionality of your electronic devices.
We offer a variety of products in multiple sizes + effectiveness ranges to meet the needs of your daily life.

Watch The EEG Brain Scan Demo 

What People Are Saying

"Absolutely excellent and I can't recommend the Aires products highly enough. As soon as I started using the products it got rid of a stressed and tense felling in the house and a really feeling on peace and purity replaced it!"

"If I could give 10 stars, I would!!! I bought 3 lifeune devices total. One for me and one for two other family members. My irritability is completely gone, subtle migraines are completely gone, and I always sleep good, but after having this device I haven't had this kind of deep sleep in a few years!!! Now I have the best sleep ever. "

"Totally feel a difference with less head fog throughout the day!!! So grateful for this product & all the research backing it."