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Chris is a leading Brain Specialist & Mental Health Expert. Chris' academic background and degrees are in Neuroscience and Psychology from Western University. Chris runs his own private practice in which he uses QEEG Brain Mapping, Neurotechnologies & Cognitive therapies to optimize brain function for children & adults with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety & Anxiety-related disorders. 

Over the last ten years, Chris has performed over 5000 QEEG Brain Maps, assessing & optimizing brain activity with clients as well as quantifying the effect of various interventions on brain activity. Chris has tested the effects of meditation, qigong, hypnosis, cognitive therapy, neurofeedback, nootropics, nutraceuticals & many new health technologies on brain activity both in real time and across time. 


“What’s cool about the Aires device is it’s locally targeting imbalances and correcting them while leaving the balanced regions the same. So it’s having a targeted, localized effect on imbalances and correcting those imbalances in brain activity.”

Growing up Chris suffered from severe anxiety & panic attacks. At the beginning of third year university, Chris was hospitalized and 40 lbs under-weight after 3 straight panic attacks. At this point Chris made it his mission to learn everything possible to optimize the human brain. 

During and after his university studies, Chris pursued a diverse range of apprenticeships with world leading experts in neuroscience and psychology. Chris apprenticed with neuroscientists on the cutting edge, through whom he got access to EEG, Brain Mapping and Neuro-modulation technologies starting at just 19 years of age. For example, one of Chris’ teachers and friends is Neuroscientist and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Nick Dogris whose Neurofield technologies Chris has used for over 10 years. Chris has studied with several brilliant Neurosurgeons who taught him rare in-depth insights about the psychology and physics of the brain. 

On his quest for mastery, Chris studied with and became a disciple of a Shaolin Monk and Shaolin Qigong Master whom he trained with for over 6 years. Chris thoroughly studied and explored the effects of meditation on brain function and cognition, combining eastern philosophy and western science like never before.  

Chris apprenticed with the co-creator of Neurolinguistic Programming Dr. Richard Bandler for over three years. In this relationship, Chris learned NLP, Hypnosis and Cognitive-Behaviour Reprogramming techniques directly from the Master. In the 1970s, Dr. Bandler modelled world renonwed medical hypnotherapist Milton H. Erikson MD, the creator of Gestalt Therapy Fritz Perls, famous family therapist Virginia Satir and many more explicitly outlining the psychology, linguistics, behavioural techniques used by these masters to achieve life-changing results with their clients.

Chris speaks across the globe educating on the brain and mental health. In his speeches, Chris performs live demonstrations putting science into real-life application to help clients make powerful brain & behavioural changes such as alleviating anxiety, overcoming fears, traumas, phobias and optimizing learning, memory & cognition. Chris applies his one-of-a-kind expertise in neuroscience, psychology & brain nutrition to help individuals and organizations globally. 

In short, when people want to figure out and optimize their brain, Chris is the man they call. Chris’ passion, leadership and transformative impact on others is one-of-a-kind. 

Professional IG: @thegamechangerchriswyllie 

Personal IG: @chriswyllieofficial 

Email: [email protected] 

“I’ve rigorously tested the effects of the Aires technologies on brain activity on 3 separate occasions - 2016, 2021 and again in 2023.

Given that the literature has shown man-made EMFs (electrogmagnetic frequencies) potential to increase neuronal excitation by activating calcium-gated voltage channels I suspected that a live cell phone adjacent to the ear may in fact alter brainwave activity. This is exactly what I found in testing. I found that a live cell phone placed adjacent to the ear, even for as little as one minute, can produce statistically significant changes in brainwave activity. Namely increases in fast-wave Beta and high Beta brainwaves, which in excess can be associated with heightened anxiety and stress levels. Also, decreases in slower wave activity such as Theta, a brainwave very important for memory consolidation and overall mental calm.

What I was surprised to find in my EEG and Brain Mapping testing was that with many subjects the Aires device not only neutralized the cellphone EMF effect but seemed to improve brainwave activity balance above and beyond baseline. That is Aires devices showed a potential “therapeutic” effect, producing statistically significant changes in balancing brainwave activity in subjects. The Aires devices reduced the excessive fast-wave Beta activity and restored slower wave Theta and Alpha activity. Generally, the greater the brainwave balance across the frequency spectrum - Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma - the greater the health and flexibility of the brain.

The following is the experimental design I used for testing. With each subject, we started with baseline EEG recordings & Brain Maps. Second, we tested a live cellphone with Aires device. Third, we recorded EEG and brain maps with just a live cell phone. In 2016, I tested a live phone first and subsequently a live cell phone with Aires device. In both testing sequences I found similar results (changes in brainwave activity).

Overall any device or intervention that has the potential to produce changes in brainwave activity has the potential to produce changes in our mental and emotional state and well-being both in the short-term and especially in the long-term. Aires technologies has shown to be a simple elegant solution to allow us to enjoy the benefits of modern technology while minimizing the potential harm to our brain and biology.”

Chris Wyllie