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TEDx with Dr. Devra Davis : Similarities between Sperm + the Brain

Summary Points

  • Loopholes in existing EMF radiation safety regulations and the need for new regulations

  • Radiofrequency radiation, a form of non-ionizing radiation, can affect the quality of the sperm.

  • An increased level of infertility was found in men who use phones more in the evening and after bedtime.

  • Exposure to destructive radiation emission can lead to very severe health anomalies, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  • EMF suppresses the secretions of melatonin.

The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on The Brain and The Sperm

Dr. Devra Davis is the founder and President of Environmental Health Trust. Dr Davis was the Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and the founding director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.

In one of her Ted talks, she discussed the effects of the destructive EMF radiation from cell phones and other devices on human health, precisely the brain and sperm. Below is a summary of her speech.

Inconsistencies in the Testing EMF Radiation From Cell Phones For Safety

Before cell phones are released for public use, they undergo a series of testing to ensure their safety and compliance with standards. One of the most important tests it undergoes is the level of EMF radiation it releases. Usually, this is done by the manufacturers. However, it must comply with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission on radio frequency safety.

Basically, the commission regulates interstate and international communications through cable, radio, television, satellite, and wire.

According to the FCC, “the limit for public exposure from cellular telephones is a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg). Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Wireless Phones and Devices Available at FCC Web Site.” The FCC only regulates the amount of exposure and not how it is tested, and that is where the inconsistency lies.

People hold their phones close to their bodies, either while in their pocket or while using them for calls and other functions. However, phones have not been tested for the way they are used. Rather they were tested 5 mm away from the body. This 5 mm would seem like a small distance, but this distance is large enough to make a difference in the level of EMF radiation your body absorbs.

As you already know, the extent of damage caused by EMF radiation is a function of the emission level absorbed by the body. And the closer the emission source is to the body, the more impact is has.

To be certain about the level of EMF exposure from cell phones, a group of French scientists decided to conduct a test by placing the phone close to the body. About 400 cell phones were tested, and surprisingly 9 out of 10 failed to meet the European regulations on EMF radiation safety. In fact, the test showed that the level of exposure exceeded regulatory limits by more than double.

More so, these regulatory standards were set many years ago. For instance, the FCC limits were established in 1996, which is over 25 years ago. And at best, these regulations were established based archaic style of phone usage. Unlike back in the days when people don’t stay long on the phone, an average person in our world today, spends five to six hours on their phone on a daily basis, not including work-related smartphone use.

The world has advanced, and people now use their cell phones more than they did some 26 years ago. This means the level of exposure is increased, and so are the potential threats it poses to the health of humans. Hence, there is a need for new regulations and structures to be put in place. And more importantly, stricter ways to enforce compliance must also be put in place.

Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Sperm

The past decade has witnessed a significant increase in cell phone use, and the resultant effects of possible deleterious effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic waves (EMW) emitted by these devices on human health have become worrisome among researchers and scientists. Thanks to many studies, and research, scientists have been able to identify possible links between EMF graduation and infertility.

In a study, it was found that radiofrequency radiation, a form of non-ionizing radiation, can affect the quality of the sperm. It decreases sperm counts, motility, viability, and morphology. Ordinarily, sperm cells proliferate at an average rate of 90000 cells per minute. However, upon exposure, this proliferation is significantly affected, and the rate is decreased.

In another research, an increased level of infertility was found in men who use phones more in the evening and after bedtime. The study showed that using cell phones in the evening and after bedtime reduced sperm motility, sperm progressive motility, and sperm concentration.

The longer the exposure to the short-wavelength light (SWL) emitted from these devices, the greater the percentage of immotile sperm.

Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the Brain

The human brain is a vital and vulnerable organ of the body. It is responsible for coordinating and regulating other body parts and different body processes. Exposure to destructive radiation emissions can lead to severe health anomalies, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A study revealed that EMR can impact stem cells during embryonic development, metabolism, and transport of neurotransmitters and many other processes in the brain. The severity of these disorders varies with the age of the affected person. Usually, because their brains are not fully developed, children are more vulnerable to this emission and can come down with more severe neurological conditions upon exposure.

Radio-frequency is a form of non-ionizing radiation, and it’s at the low end of the electromagnetic field. A review of studies published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF radiation as a potential human carcinogen. In fact, RF radiation has also been associated with increased risks of brain tumors and leukemia.

Exposure to radiation from these devices causes men infertility and suppresses the secretions of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone secreted when you sleep at night that rejuvenates your organs and cells and prepares them for another day. Once this hormone is not secreted, the healing process that occurs while you sleep at night is inhibited, affecting different body organs.

EMF radiation affects the brain when the phone is placed closed to the ears, usually during phone calls. Hence, it is advised that you keep your phone as much as possible from the body. Don’t leave your phone in your pocket, and while on calls, keep your phone at a distance from your body.

Honestly, it is almost impossible to do all of these as cell phones and other smart devices have become more than just a luxury. They are important we need for virtually everything we do in our daily lives. However, we must protect ourselves from this damaging radiation. Well, all hope is not lost.


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