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Embracing Nature: The Perks of Moving Your Home Office Outdoors

Many of us are transitioning from working full time in person at the office, to a more flexible approach to work – a hybrid model. So now more than ever, it’s important to optimize your work environment. As this approach becomes more prominent, an enticing option has surfaced: moving your home office outdoors. Offering health benefits, reducing EMF exposure, and promoting a more sustainable work approach, outdoor workspaces might be the next big trend in redefining our work experience.

One of the significant benefits of working outdoors lies in promoting better eye health. Andrew Huberman, Chair of Ophthalmology at Stanford Medicine, underscores the importance of spending time outside to counterbalance myopia or near-sightedness. Our eyes thrive on natural light and the varied distances and perspectives that outdoor environments provide.

Additionally, working outdoors can lead to reduced exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Commonly generated by electronic devices in indoor workspaces, EMFs have been linked to potential health concerns. By working outside, away from these electronic devices, you may limit this exposure and enhance your overall well-being.

There are compelling mental health benefits associated with outdoor workspaces. The natural setting can help alleviate stress, stimulate creativity, and boost productivity. The change of scenery can invigorate our workdays, breaking the monotony of indoor workspaces. Physical health can also see improvements due to increased movement and potential for Vitamin D exposure.

The feasibility of outdoor offices is bolstered by the hybrid work era. Companies are starting to recognize the benefits of incorporating outdoor spaces into office designs, while individuals working from home can more flexibly choose their work environments. However, transitioning to an outdoor office requires careful consideration. Reliable Wi-Fi, a comfortable seating arrangement, shade to prevent glare on screens, and a quiet environment are crucial for an effective outdoor workspace. Weather conditions are another factor to bear in mind – working under a sunshade or canopy can provide shelter from unexpected weather changes.

A significant advantage of outdoor workspaces is promoting healthier screen time habits. Taking breaks from screen exposure, or a digital detox, is essential for eye health and mental well-being. The natural setting of an outdoor workspace offers a perfect backdrop for these detox moments. Lastly, outdoor offices represent a sustainable approach to work. By leveraging natural light and fresh air, we can reduce our reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning, thereby minimizing energy consumption.

Now you know – the move to outdoor workspaces is more than just a trend. It represents a shift towards a healthier, more sustainable work environment that respects our innate need for nature. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing work landscape, let’s consider stepping outside and letting nature become our new office. Speaking of nature, if you’re planning on venturing outdoors to camp or for a trip, check this blog out on the kind of risks you should be aware of and the precautions to take.