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Spectrum of Sensitivity : Pregnancy

One of the major drawbacks to the fast-rising improvement in technology in our societies is the unprecedented increase in the forms and sources of electromagnetic fields. The radiation sources are just all around you, from mobile phones and base stations to wifi routers, PCs, and even your television set at home, among many others.

All of which, although they have made our lives easier and better, consume and release electromagnetic radiation constantly. And sadly, there have been concerns about the possible health risks of their EMF emissions.

The severity of these health problems varies from person to person, just as it does with the level of exposure to EMF. While some have complained of mild symptoms that could easily be treated by reducing exposure, many have reported life-threatening challenges requiring sophisticated medical treatment and a complete lifestyle change.

This sensitivity to non-ionizing radiation from electromagnetic fields is medically termed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS.

What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

In simple terms, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), describes a condition characterized by different symptoms that results from exposure to non-ionizing radiation from EMF. As we said earlier, these symptoms vary in level of severity with different individuals.

This variation could be due to the degree of exposure to the emission and some underlying health conditions and different stages of life that could increase vulnerability to this emission.

Commonly reported symptoms include headaches, body pain, lethargy, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), heart arrhythmia, and anxiety.

A certain group of the population reported to be the most vulnerable to the damaging effect of this non-ionizing radiation is pregnant women. Different studies have proven that exposure to emissions is detrimental to the health of the mother and the fetus.

Health Risks Exposure In Pregnancy

Different body physiologic processes, including fertility, fetus genesis process, reproductive ability, cardiorespiratory, etc., can be affected by this damaging emission. Some studies have shown that these anomalies can be severe.

EMF radiation poses a risk to the unborn fetus and the mother as the radiofrequency can negatively interact with the embryonic development of the fetus. Here are some of the risks pregnant women can face as regards EMF radiation absorption:

Damage placenta barrier

The placental barrier is an important fetal membrane responsible for filtering or preventing the transfer of certain substances to the fetus. The placental barrier is made up of both maternal and fetal tissue that can protect and ensure the development of the embryo from being affected by harmful substances in maternal blood circulation, whereas the fetus could get nutrients and oxygen from the mother via the placenta. Exposure to EMF radiation puts the placenta barrier at risk of leaking, disrupting the normal flow of nutrients into the fetus.

Spontaneous abortion or Miscarriage

Intense exposure to EMF can cause Spontaneous abortion in pregnant women. During the first few weeks of fertilization, the fetus is required to get ready for implantation into the womb. However, exposure to EMF radiation can cause a pregnancy anomaly, leading to poor fetus implantation and finally death. Some of the reported risk factors for early miscarriage in several pregnant women include using a cell phone or computer for more than 6 hours a day. This is also common among women living in urban areas in comparison with those living in rural areas and the residence within 100 m from mobile phone base stations. This gradual increase in the number of abortions due to the increase in electricity consumption over the past century is being taken into consideration.

What pregnancy stage is more susceptible?

Pregnant women in their first trimester (approximately 1 to 15 weeks) are advised to avoid the frequent of their mobile devices and any other electronic-radiation products. During this stage, the fetus and the mother are most vulnerable, and any change in the environment can detrimentally cause the demise of the fetus.

What are the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in pregnancy?

Premature birth

One of the leading causes of premature birth is the hazardous exposure of the mother and child to EMF radiation. A 2019 study explored the correlation of mobile devices during pregnancy by using the information provided by over 55,000 women who were once pregnant. The results showed moderate exposure to hazardous EMF posed a higher risk of giving birth at a lower gestational period and increased risk during birth.

The researchers also compared pregnancy duration (gestational age at birth, preterm/post-term birth), fetal growth (birth weight ratio, small/large for gestational age), and birth weight, low and high birth weight, and meta-analyzed cohort-specific estimates and found EMF radiation did not cause any significant change in the weight or growth of the fetus.


Constant headache after the use of a mobile device is also a clear indication of excess EMF absorption. Due to the vulnerability of pregnancy, any changes in the environment are met with a corresponding reaction and increased EMF radiation cause headache.

Ectopic pregnancy risks

Ectopic pregnancy risks are also another indicator of EMF radiation. During the first three months of pregnancy, some pregnant women may experience difficulty in fetal attachment to the womb due to the adverse effect of EMF radiation.

What’s the way forward?

The increased reaction to EMF radiation has promoted the EPA to enact the BabySafe Project. The BabySafe Project is being supported by the Environmental Trust and Grassroots Environmental Education in conjunction with the EPA. This project ensures women are aware of wireless radiation exposure risks and take precautionary steps while more research is conducted.

Limit the use of mobile devices

Researchers advise women to limit the use of their mobile gadgets. A 5hr/day use can reduce the risk of hazardous EMF absorption as mobile use above this recommended value can pose several health risks to the fetus.

Use Airestech

Since it is almost impossible to avoid using smartphones and other wireless devices, consequently limiting EMF exposure challenging. Thus, limiting EMF exposure is particularly important for pregnant women; the good news is there are devices that can effetively neutralize the EMF radiation, making it safer for you to use your smart devices.

Airestech Lifetune is a patented EMF protection gadget that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize EMF and EMR. Airestech is portable and stylish, and offers round-the-clock protection. Check out how Aires Tech can help you eliminate the EMF sensitivity through EMF modulation without interrupting your daily activities.