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Productivity + EMF


  • There are over 5.3 billion mobile smartphone users in the world today, according to the GSMA Intelligence

  • The average productivity rate of employees has reduced drastically over the years and now sits at 2 hours and 53 minutes, showing they are only active 31% of their working hours.

  • And, at least 41% of workers affirm that stress (which is likely the effects of oxidative stress) leads them to be less productive.

How EMF exposure impacts productivity

There are over 5.3 billion mobile smartphone users in the world today, according to the latest statistics provided by GSMA Intelligence. Yet, this enormous figure does not include other EMF-emitting devices, land and underground cables, telecommunication satellites, and other technology devices that contribute to the present increase in the EMF radiation in the environment.

With the high number of smart devices, it is safe to affirm that the terrestrial electromagnetic environment has been and is being rapidly altered by humans due to technological advancements. We are, unfortunately, slowly paying for our overdependence on them.

While 9-5 seems to be the most popular working system in the world, the average productivity rate of employees has reduced drastically over the years and now sits at 2 hours and 53 minutes, showing they are only active 31% of their working hours. In addition, at least 41% of workers affirm that stress (which likely includes the effects of oxidative stress) leads them to be less productive.

This decrease in productivity is unusual as most jobs are automated or machine-reliant, and the installation of industrial robots has increased at a 10.28% compound annual growth rate over the past decade. If the labor-intensive jobs are being computerized and only require minimal control and intervention of humans, why then are people suffering from lower productivity, stress, and distraction while working?

Why is it difficult to concentrate on tasks, and why do you complain about being stressed even when you were at rest all day?

EMF Radiation and Emission In the workplace

As the world focuses on pollution, carbon emission, and environment preservation, little attention is drawn to one of the greatest polluting elements on the earth’s environment, the emission of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Everyone in our modern society is exposed to the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that surround all electric devices. Still, people who actively deal with electric and magnetic gadgets in their workplace are more susceptible to high EMF absorption.

The average daily EMF exposure is approximately 0.18 milligauss, according to RIVM, but this exposure limit multiplies exponentially in certain workplaces as the average welder, electrician, and electric line workers are exposed to an average amount of 8.2, 5.4, and 2.5 milligauss of EMF radiation respectively (according to information provided by the CDC.) If this persists, most people will likely suffer from EHS. However, what is EHS, and why is it less discussed in the medical field?

What is EHS?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition that arises due to excess EMF absorption. Approximately half of the world’s population is exposed to EMF daily. However, long-time exposure to EMF has potential changes and negative effects on the biological systems of those it is exposed to it. Although it is yet to be recognized globally as a threatening ailment, the repercussions on the lives of its sufferers and its potential to become a significant public health issue have allowed it to gain the attention of medical experts and researchers.

Common symptoms of EHS reported include sleep disorder, headaches, memory and concentration difficulty, extreme mood disorders, dizziness, and persistent musculoskeletal pain.

As reports continue to climb, the possible responsible causes are mobile gadgets, mobile phone base stations, Wi-Fi routers, common household appliances, cable or power lines, smart meters, and even mere compact halogen bulbs.

How does EMF radiation affect the body?

EMF radiation can biologically affect the body thermally or non-thermally. Thermal effects require the presence of heat, which is created by the EMF radiation on certain occasions, while non-thermal does not. When these radiations are emitted, they react with surrounding living tissues and cells. This spontaneous reaction causes an energy transfer between the superficial biological component (which is the skin) and radiations emitted by your nearby mobile gadgets.

The reaction has been observed to create ROS, which are Reactive Oxygen Species that actively plan an important role in several cellular functions in the body. While they seem important and helpful, they can likewise be dangerous to cellular processes. Since exposure to EMF radiation increases the number of free radicals in the cell, a defense mechanism is deployed by the body to fight the damages of overproduced ROS, causing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can cause numerous cellular damage including which the breakdown of important cellular tissues and irreparable damage to the DNA is one. The imbalance it creates in the body has been linked to certain ailments and conditions like tumors, cancer, and even diabetes. While these might seem like lifelong dangers, reduced productivity, headaches, mood disorders, and distractions are all minor symptoms of oxidative stress caused by EMF radiation emission.

In addition, uncontrolled oxidative stress can speed up aging and cause chronic inflammation, which can lead to joint muscle pain. Oxidative stress can damage structures inside the brain by impeding cell growth and cognitive functioning and even lead to cell death.

Now you wonder why it’s taking longer to adjust to your regular working routines and focus on tasks appropriately and why your productivity output reduces as days pass by.

How can Airestech help?

To assure you of immediate treatment, you must get rid of personal electronic devices like your mobile devices and laptops and avoid highly exposed places like shopping centers or public transport by staying home. But, this seems impossible as we have created a life that cannot function without these gadgets, and even if you choose to take shelter in isolated woods or caves, your survival rate is close to nothing.

There are other highly effective ways of limiting exposure to EMF radiation; one of such is using EMF-modulating devices. These devices create a coherent and stable EMF that matches your biological energy, eliminating the impact on your health. They protect by rendering the emitted rays powerless as they approach your vicinity, so you can perform your fault activities without being at risk.

Aires Tech is a leading agency that develops EMF-modulating devices for use. The Lifetune devices are designed with protection and comfort in mind to ensure you perform your day-to-day functions without the fear of being exposed.