Pregnancy, ADHD, Asthma & Obesity Radiation

Radiation can be seriously harmful to our health, studies have proven this, and we are being bombarded by radiation daily from WiFi, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Some studies are saying all of this radiation exposure can be linked to problems with pregnancy, ADHD, asthma, and obesity. If you are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, or have young children, you will definitely want to read what comes next. How Radiation Exposure Affects Pregnancy The impact of cell phone radiation is very difficult to study in pregnant women, since these studies require invasive techniques. However, there are several recent studies that suggest that electromagnetic (EMF) radiation may be harmful to the developing fetus. For example, a study in Turkey found that when pregnant rats were exposed to EMF radiation for 30 minutes a day, their pups were impacted. A study at the Yale University School of Medicine concluded that mice exposed to EMF radiation during gestation were hyperactive and had impaired memory. Similar findings have been found in two human studies, reporting that EMF radiation exposure during pregnancy was correlated with behavioral problems in children. Previous studies on humans have linked exposure to EMFs to higher risk of diabetes, while studies on animals have shown a link between high levels of EMF exposure and being overweight, and pups having ADHD. Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation and ADHD There is shocking evidence that you should use caution when using a mobile phone while pregnant, and take extreme measures to keep the cell phone as far away from your belly as possible. Animal studies suggests that neurobehavioral disorders in kids, such as ADHD, may be linked to exposure to EMF radiation from cell phones and WiFi while in their mother was pregnant. A study at the Yale School of Medicine positioned a mobile phone above a cage of pregnant mice. The cell phone was transmitting an active call for their entire 17 days of gestation. When the pups were tested later on, they displayed symptoms ADHD. EMF Radiation and Asthma Exposure to EMFs have been linked to many health problems, such as cancer and immune system abnormalities, sadly, the latest research demonstrates another risk: childhood asthma. In a recent study, scientists attached magnetic field monitors to pregnant women to measure their level of EMF exposure, they then studied whether it was correlated with the risk of asthma in the women’s children. They concluded that children born to mothers with high levels of EMF exposure had three times the chance of developing asthma compared to those children whose mothers had the lowest exposure. Can Electromagnetic Radiation Lead to Obesity? Pregnant women are often advised to take precautions to limit their EMF radiation exposure in order to protect the health of their unborn children. A recent study has linked high levels of exposure to EMFs while pregnant to childhood obesity. The study showed that kids who were exposed to increased levels of EMF radiation while in the womb had a 69% increased risk of obesity during childhood than those children who had lower exposure to magnetic fields during pregnancy. How to Protect Yourself from Radiation Want to protect yourself and your kids fromcell phone and WiFi radiation exposure?

  • Don’t allow children to use mobile phones. Children are several times more likely to develop complications, like the ones noted above, from mobile phone radiation than adults.
  • Keep cell phones at least of 15cm from their ear. If your child absolutely has to use a cell phone, the further away from their body the better. Be sure to keep the phone at least 15cm from their ear.
  • Reduce the number and the length of your calls. The less you use the device, the less radiation you are exposing your baby to.
  • Do not carry your cell phone directly on your body. The closer your wireless device is to your body, the more radiation you are exposed to, so keeping your mobile phone away from your belly is crucial to protecting your unborn child, and you.
  • Only use your cell phone when reception is good. Phones increase emission up to 1000 times when signal is weak. Wait for a good signal and save your kids from that increased blast of EMFs.
  • Keep baby monitors out of the crib. Children are several times more susceptible to the harmful effects of EMFs, be sure to distance your baby from that monitor.
  • Cell phones should not be in the bedroom, especially when you are pregnant. You do not want to be exposed to the EMFs while you and your unborn child sleep.
  • Use landlines. This will help reduce exposure to EMFs, for you and your children.
  • Use a radiation protection device, such as the ones offered in our This is one of the easiest ways to shield your children, your unborn baby, and yourself from radiation from your mobile phone, WiFi, and other electronic devices.