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Mother's Day Feature: An Aires Tech Mom

Caitlin, an Aires team member, shares her story on EMF and her mother hood journey!

When I first began my family planning journey I found myself falling into rabbit holes of information on what’s best for your body (and your partner’s) to prepare for successful conception. The amount of information both physically and emotionally down to the smallest things you do in your daily life that you don’t even think about are perceived to ‘play a vital role’ in getting pregnant. For example:

“Eat these 6 things to get pregnant”

“What to know to make sure you ovulate”

“Don’t eat or drink these things”

“Take this vitamin”

“Try this ovulation test”

“Do these stretches, workouts and things to avoid”

And the list goes on and on.

My approach to this overload was to focus on the things that are controllable and let nature do the rest. Outside of the typical things like diet, fitness and other lifestyle choices I was super intentional about my environmental health.

Working with Aires Tech during this time, the products aligned perfectly with my approach and considerations of the toxic load of radiation from everyday devices. Over the years you hear things around not having your phone next to you at night, men not having their laptop on their laps etc. but when you think about how common infertility is these days, all these examples appear more prominently in one’s mind when you’re trying to conceive. Putting Lifetune devices in my home and on our phones was such an easy way to take an extra step to protect us and promote our bodies to exemplify an optimal scenario for conception.

Even if someone doesn’t fully understand how the technology works, in the simplest way the product can’t hurt but can only help you so why not have it nearby every day? I put one in every room, attached it to my phone and even gave one to my husband to put in his law enforcement vehicle which is loaded with radiation due to all the radios and computer systems. Right away I felt I was making a proactive decision for the both of us at the current time and when I did find out I was pregnant, that my baby wasn’t exposed to harmful EMF radiation in utero too!

Fast forward, I enjoyed a beautiful and healthy pregnancy with a peace of mind knowing my baby and I were protected from daily EMF exposure. Working from home everyday I am near WIFI, laptop, phone, bluetooth devices that all compound the power of radiation and knowing Aires had us covered made me feel at ease. You just never know to what extent or how one’s system will deal with radiation and knowing babies/kids have much higher absorption of radiation, it wasn’t something I was going to find out the hard way.

Four months postpartum I feel empowered. I can have my baby in any room or area of my home without having to worry how close she is to the EMF source because Lifetune products are there. I can have my phone near us or in my hand while I am holding her and know it’s not harming her sensitive systems because I have the power of Aires protecting us. Being intentional is power but being informed with having a proactive solution like Aires is a game changer for a new mom that already has a million things on her mind every minute of the day. If she gets fussy or acts out of character I know it’s not the radiation, I can figure out what other causes it could be. That alone is so powerful and for that I will always have Aires in my home and near my child for years to come.