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Can electronic devices be harmful to your health?

Electric universe

Today, our life relies upon electronic devices like never before. At any point in time, we are surrounded by multiple devices: computers, laptops, and cellphones, to name a few. We are dependent on them for food, communication, entertainment, navigation, work, medical procedures, and lots more. They are convenient and it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine our lives without them. But can electronic devices be harmful to our health?

How can electronic devices be harmful to our health?

All good things come at a price; electronic devices have negative effects too. They emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which poses a potential threat to our biological well-being. Your television, microwave, communication devices, laptops, cell towers, remote controllers, printers, and every other electronic device you can imagine emits EMR. It is practically impossible to isolate yourself from EMR.

EMR exposure: electronic devices can be harmful to your health!

The EMR emitted by our devices is known to decrease our production of the hormone melatonin; reduced levels result in insomnia, difficulty concentrating, shorter attention spans, and more. EMR waves can also disturb our bodies’ natural electrical system, causing both mental and physical stress. The more intense the EMR, the more physical stress, and thus mental stress we experience. Have you ever wondered why everything feels like it’s getting more stressful?

If we put constantly put our bodies through this chaos, we have more trouble fighting off problems like abnormal cell growth leading to cancer. Your immunity can weaken also. Considering we have so much interaction with EMR waves in our daily lives, it would be foolish to overlook the fact that electronic devices can be harmful to our health. Aires Technology offers incredibly effective protective and easy-to-use devices and shields like the Aires Defender Infinity. Visit our store today to learn more about how our products are designed to ensure the health and safety of you and your family.