Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield | Health Expert + Aires Advocate

Ben Greenfield is a well-known health and fitness expert, biohacker, and best-selling author. He is also a podcaster and runs a popular blog where he shares information about fitness, nutrition, and biohacking, called “Ben Greenfield Life”. He has also written 13 books including “Boundless”. Regarding EMF radiation, Ben Greenfield has expressed concerns about its potential health effects, particularly concerning long-term exposure. He has written about the harmful effects of EMF radiation on the body, including the potential for DNA damage, oxidative stress, and disruption of cellular communication.

Ben is also a public speaker on topics such as longevity, anti-aging, biohacking, fitness, nutrition, cognition, positive psychology, motivation, and spirituality. He has a deep understanding of functional exercise and nutrition that contributes to his perspective on the delicate balance between performance and health. Ben has helped thousands of people around the world better their health and well-being.

As previously mentioned, EMF is a topic that is deeply connected to Ben’s beliefs and practice. Here are some of the reasons he’s concerned about how EMF exposure is a threat to our biology.

EMF Exposure Increases Oxidative Stress

An increase in time when oxidative stress can be a reason for widespread increases in chronic illnesses and diseases.

There is a Greater Risk to Children than to Adults

“Sadly, most of our youth have widely adopted the wireless revolution. Therefore, it is our responsibility to educate children about these dangers. Many kids now have cellphones and wireless tablets before the age of 5, and many children sleep with their phones near or under their pillows.”

Reproduction and Fertility are Negatively Impacted

“If you are a man, EMF exposure can increase your risk of infertility, especially if you routinely carry your cell phone in a pants pocket near your groin and/or use your laptop on your lap.”

Ben has also given suggestions on how to protect yourself from EMF damage, including consuming certain nutrients, such as magnesium. He writes “While making changes to your physical environment is of the utmost importance, there are a few nutritional interventions you can consider to help protect your body from EMFs.”

Finally, Ben is an advocate for optimizing your surrounding environment from EMF. He suggests things like unplugging your electronics when not in use and increasing the distance between your body and your devices. However, he is a big promoter of using devices such as our Lifetune products.

“Protecting your health from EMFs is in my opinion one of the most important things you can do for you and your family. Technologies like Aires’ are useful for easily addressing EMFs whether at home or on the go. I have been implementing their products to reduce EMF effects both at home and also when traveling through high-EMF areas like hotels and airports.”

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