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Aires Tech : The Perfect Gift for Health + Fitness Enthusiasts

If you know someone who is always trying to be as healthy as possible – whether they’re currently prioritizing their physical, mental or physiological wellbeing, EMFs are something to take into consideration. EMFs are another stressor that affects your physical being as it affects your vision and your fatigue. At the same time, it affects your mental wellbeing as there have been a variety of studies concluding that there is a link between EMFs and the onset and worsening depression/anxiety.

Furthermore, since the exposure to EMFs actually has the potential to affect your sleep – this has the ability to affect all areas of your life. A decline in the quantity & quality of your sleep has an effect on your circadian rhythm, your day-to-day functioning and can affect important biological systems. An Aires Tech product would be perfect because you’re providing your loved one with the gift of health – something they genuinely care about/prioritize! Along with this gift, you could also provide your loved with the gift of advice of how to best prioritize their overall health/wellbeing:

  • Stay off of your devices 1 hour before you go to sleep
  • Avoid having any devices close to your bed
  • Try to have dedicated time blocks to use your devices to avoid overusage
  • Take breaks when using your devices to avoid the effects of prolonged duration

At the same time, if you also know someone who is extremely driven to achieve a certain goal such as maximizing their performance on a day to day basis, AiresTech products could prove to be a catalyst. For example, biohackers in particular, as in people that try to optimize their lifestyle to attain a particular objective, need to minimize/limit their EMF exposure because these radiation levels have the ability to play with your antioxidant/free radical ratio. With prolonged exposure, you’re more prone to a rise in the number of free radicals, and when this overtakes the level of antioxidants in your body, you experience the effects of oxidative stress. This is especially relevant because it can result in immediate effects on your performance and fitness goals – such as affecting your ability to remain focused, having enough energy, feeling more burnout than usual. Therefore, an AiresTech product can provide optimal protection to help your loved ones achieve goals that truly matter to them most!

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