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Aires Tech : The Best Gift for Sleep Seekers

Do you know someone who struggles to get enough or quality sleep every night? Are they actively taking steps to try to improve this and still not making any progress? It actually might be EMFs that are preventing them from making more progress. It’s more common than you think – 30 to 48% of adults experience insomnia. And while it’s as easy as hitting the pillow for some people, for others, going to sleep can cause them anxiety. But it’s equally as important to ensure that getting quality sleep is a priority because:

  • Repair: Many people think that sleep is just downtime for the brain when it gets tired, but while you’re sleeping, your brain is actually still working. Many repair processes occur during the night, and if you’re not able to get enough sleep, these processes are interrupted and this can affect your daily functioning
  • Moodswings: Not having enough sleep due to a decrease in your melatonin levels can mean that you’re more sensitive to mood changes and likely to feel more crabby the next day
  • Weight maintenance: When you’re able to get enough quality sleep, you’re less likely to impulsively eat & and actually listen to your hunger cues/cravings. On the flipside, if you don’t get this sleep, you are more likely to eat more than you need to and this can cause unnecessary weight gain.
  • Poor mental health: In a study, it was found that people that didn’t get enough sleep actually experienced “mental health and behavioural challenges” – lesser amounts of sleep were actually linked to higher levels of stress, depression and more.

And EMFs actually have a huge role to play – 95% of people reported that they use some type technology before going to bed. And as we know, the EMF radiation can actually affect your melatonin levels and eventually your ability to fall asleep and get enough quality sleep. So if you know of anyone that’s confided in you about their sleep struggles, help them take the right precautions right now with AiresTech.