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Aires Tech : A Great Gift for Parents + their Children

Being a parent is definitely something to celebrate but it can’t be easy to find the perfect gift for these people on your list. Well, Aires Tech’s products actually have the potential to be your saving grace because of how vital this EMF protection is for their children.

Why? Unfortunately, children are actually more sensitive to EMF radiation than adults due to:

  • Smaller size: As children are smaller, the amount of radiation required to disrupt the balance of their fragile bodies is less (higher sensitivity)
  • Still developing: Since children are still developing, they are more at risk because their biological systems are not strong enough, and high levels of EMFs can actually cause permanent changes to their biological systems
  • Thinner skull: An adult’s skull is around 2mm thick, and on average, a child’s skull is 0.5-1mm thick. This means that EMF radiation has less to penetrate through and can get in at a quicker pace, eventually causing more damage.

Also, children tend to be more at risk because they go to school on a daily basis, and may go elsewhere for extracurriculars, meaning that there are more chances for them to be exposed. This increased risk can mean that they are more susceptible to the long term effects of EMFs as previously discussed. And interestingly, children today use more types of devices and for longer durations than children 20 years ago – so this can intensify the effect of the radiation on their systems. 2/3 parents actually said that parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago – due to the number of technologies/social media their children engage with today. This is why our products would be the perfect gift – they can stick it on their devices to ensure protection all day long! And as a parent/guardian, you know you’ve taken the right precautions to help protect them as much as possible.

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Our products, with our state-of-the-art-technology will help put your parent friends’ minds to rest, knowing that they’re taking all the right precautions to ensure they keep their children as protected as possible.