A Healthy

A Healthy, EMF-Free Morning Routine

  • All of us are guilty of using our phones first and last thing every single day – but this is extremely dangerous in the long term
  • Biohacking your daily evening and morning routines can help set you up for success and get you out of this vicious cycle
  • Benefits include an increased attention span, a reduction in fatigue, stress and anxiety levels

Since the pandemic, when everything inevitably went remote, many of us fell into this vicious morning/night routine incomplete without a rabbit hole exercise on our devices. In the morning, the alarm goes off, we press snooze a couple of times and end up getting up only to consume short-form media through the notorious scroll. And then at night, right after we hit the sack after a long day, we feel the compulsion to scroll again – how bad is this addiction? According to this analysis, on average, we consume 62,250 words every day and scroll a distance equal to 75 ft a day!! How wild is that?

What are the effects of that? According to scientists, an effect of this can include a sort of information overload that impairs the motivational system of our brain. The insane amount of information immediately accessible is internally processed as a threat. To combat this, we avoid consuming data or acting in any meaningful way. Instead, we try to stay on the surface – hence the surfing instead of diving. And that’s why we react to an image or a short form video 60,000 times faster than we do to a written word – which is why so many of us struggle to even read a book nowadays. For too many of us, this is a new way of living and brain activity. Furthermore, there’s potentially irreversible neurological damage – a recent study discovered that the impact of social media is similar to that of “age-related cognitive decline” – meaning damage to our memory, language, thinking & judgment early on in our lives instead of when we’re aged. In addition to this, we’ve delved into detail about how scrolling on social media can also be bad for our eyes, and prolonged EMF exposure means that we’re at a higher risk of experiencing radiation-related effects including depression/anxiety, oxidative stress, and DNA damage.

Ready to change? Well, the first place would be to make lifestyle advancements. Start with your morning and evening routines. Believe it or not, routines are a strong foundation and backbone to your wellbeing – so tackling those would hopefully create an impact in all other aspects of your life too. As we’ve mentioned before – biohacking – in other words, making lifestyle switches to see changes in your biological systems, is an effective way to make immediate and sustainable modifications to your day-to-day living. Here are our best recommendations:

  • Set up a strong phone-free morning routine: Drink a glass of water, go for a walk, set up your to-do list, and have your breakfast before touching your device.
  • Practice meditation: Implementing meditation in your routines will not only help you be more mindful of your phone usage but also be more present at the moment, which can help you engage in meaningful interactions as opposed to “surfing”
  • Read books: This habit is highly effective in your night and morning routines to help you wind down and be engaged without sensory and information overload.
  • Journal: Many psychologists have found that we often resort to scrolling to avoid how we’re currently really feeling and to distract ourselves from our reality. Journaling can help you investigate what you’re feeling and really engage with yourself instead of avoiding the root issue – otherwise, how will you tackle it?
  • Hopefully, these tips are somewhat helpful – but remember for optimizing your life, your routines are the best place to start, and that taking baby steps is vital – change is not impossible!