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How to protect yourself from EMR

Electromagnetic radiation is harmful

The first step is realizing this. Most people do not comprehend how harmful radiation is. EMR can lead to a wide array of serious conditions such as brain or colon cancer, intestinal mucus lining damage, irritable bowel disease, and tumors. Not to mention depression, anxiety, and reduced immunity. Are you interested in learning more about how to protect yourself from EMR? Here are a few tips on how to block electromagnetic radiation.

Try to avoid wireless technology as much as you can. Wi-Fi based devices emit strong levels of electromagnetic radiation. As convenient as Wi-Fi may seem it has very harmful effects. Try to connect your devices using cables. Refrain from carrying your cellphone with you constantly by turning on the ringer and placing it away from you. Keep your cellphone in your bag as you walk rather than your pocket. Get rid of your microwave—the EMR stronger than other devices. Unplug appliances when not in use—you’ll save on energy too.

Aires radiation shielding

Laptops also emit EMR radiation, however many of us use them in very close proximity. Instead of using them on our desks we usually place them directly on our legs. You can use a barrier to reduce the range of frequencies getting through. Buy a secondary keyboard and mouse that can be connected to the laptop. This will allow you to use your laptop at range, thereby decreasing your overall exposure to EMR radiation.

Walk around barefoot. Studies have shown that walking barefoot from time to time will reduce the amount of EMR that your body has to deal with. By making contact with natural surfaces, harmful electromagnetic radiation flows through your body and into the earth! You’ll feel less stressed and the strength of your immune system will increase. Also try to have as many plants in your home as you can. In addition, do yourself infinite good by visiting our store and learning more about how to protect yourself from EMR, and about our game-changing EMR shields.