April 23, 2016 2 min read

Question of the day: do cars produce radiation?

Do cars produce radiation? Find out how to minimize car radiation levels and drastically reduce risks to your health with our specially designed products. Automobile technology has advanced more than any other technology out there. There’s nothing like the thrill of driving the latest hi-tech car. From GPS guidance to remote controlled powered accessories, modern cars have endless functions to assist comfort, ease, and efficiency. But do cars produce radiation? What the automobile companies don’t market is the high radiation levels in cars. All the helpful devices inside a car emit some form of electromagnetic field (EMFs). Although the newer models of have more devices, hence more EMF exposure and higher health risks, even the most basic models emit EMF.
The most vulnerable to radiation levels in cars is the person in the driver’s seat. The longer the drive, the greater the health risks. For example, if you sit next to a GPS or a Bluetooth transmitter, your exposure will be higher. Here are several ways to minimize car radiation levels, or at least minimize your exposure:
  • Go for cars with fewer devices installed. It may seem old-fashioned, but it’s simple: more devices mean more radiation.
  • Go for a basic music system. The bigger the speakers, the more powerful the EMFs.
  • GPS is considered a necessity nowadays, but these devices emit alarming levels of radiation. Reduce your GPS use if possible.
  • Try to avoid remote controlled door locking systems or fuel openers to minimize car radiation levels.
  • LCD display screens are not only a distraction while driving but they also emit high levels of radiation.
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth inside cars emit radio frequency radiation even if you disable them—unless you completely disconnect the devices from your car.
  • For every device you install, make sure you go through the manual to understand the safety hazards. Understanding and education can go a long way toward reducing your exposure to harmful radiation levels in cars.
  • Try the Aires Defender Automotive for universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution originating in devices found in and around a typical car. 

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