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Why Does Proximity Matter : Aires + EMF

  • – The closer you are to your electronics, the worse the impact of the radiation can be.
  • – The closer an Aires product is the better the Aires silicon resonator chip will work!

It’s Saturday night, and you’re sitting on the couch scrolling on your phone with your favorite show playing on your TV in the background. There are also probably at least a few other electronics in the same room, like a speaker, a smart home system, and a wi-fi router. You’re not alone – so many of us are accustomed to our new convenient lifestyles constantly surrounded by one more device. These days we’re not only in contact with these devices, but we actually fail to maintain a safe distance to prevent harmful effects from persisting.


First off – let’s look at the big picture. When using our phones for voice calls, we can end up having our phones glued to our ears for hours, or when watching something on youtube or Netflix on the devices, we might have it right next to our faces, or the worse type – having our AirPods in for 5-6 hours every day. The point here is that the closer we are to our devices, the larger the exposure and the more intense its strength.


Today we’ll explore the significance of distance with respect to EMFs. As with any form of energy, EMF strength reduces with distance. Why? Because as EMF moves, it enlarges and expands into the space around the source, weakening its strength in a minute area. So, while increasing our distance does not immediately or directly reduce the net amount of radiation, it definitely decreases your exposure and the intensity of exposure to it. If the distance between you and your device (radiation source) doubles, you cut the power of your exposure by 75%! To put things in perspective, if you multiply the distance by 10, the strength of exposure is 100 times less – so each bit counts.


The science behind why proximity matters is based on the inverse square law methodology. Simply put, this law covers the fact that a certain physical quantity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of the quantity. The quantity, in this case, is EMFs – therefore the farther away you are from your device, the lesser the strength of the EMF exposure.


The formula:


I = I x D1^2/D2^2


D1 and D2 would be your old and new distances, respectively.


Is there a safe distance? There’s really not a set distance, however, every millimeter makes a difference – that’s why as we mentioned previously, many companies such as Apple even state in their manuals to not keep the device in your pocket due to the adverse radiation effects. An iPhone manual stated that it’s recommended to keep your phone at least 15 mm from your body. So when we take voice calls, we clearly break this rule and if our calls end up being extremely long, the strength of the exposure can add up over time.


Sometimes the waters get murky because EMFs are invisible so we are not able to directly see the effects or view what is really happening – and while it can be easy to forgo, it’s important to be aware and take precautions before the effects snowball into something bigger down the line.


How Aires takes distance into consideration


Lucky for you – Aires has conducted several experiments to ensure our products provide protection in varying distance capacities. Across all Aires products, it’s important to note the nanotech Aires silicon resonator chip is manufactured with intense precision to warrant its unmatched efficiency and effectiveness for protection. In order to expand the effective range across the different products, the size of the Aires silicon resonator chip and the antenna increase.


With a larger area of the resonator antenna, the power of the Aires silicon resonator chip is amplified, as it is able to capture more energy from the surrounding sources of EMF. Combining that with larger Aires silicon resonator chips results in a greater area of protection.


With Aires products, the main advantage is that they work better in a confined space with more EMF sources. Think of it sort of like a charge – the Aires silicon resonator chip is passive, and need the energy collected by the resonator antenna to work. The more sources, the more the products are charged and able to work to transform the EMF. The electronics power the Aires products when they are in range, in turn reflecting back a stronger signal.

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Hopefully, this article helped give you insight into why maintaining a sizeable distance between you and your electronic devices is vital, and also how the different Aires products can work within your lifestyle. Also, it’s important to remember that the Aires products work better when they are closer to the source of radiation, so place them strategically to meet your lifestyle needs!