Effective Range : What Does It Mean

Effective Range : What Does It Mean, How We Calculate + More

Among our line of Lifetune devices, each product has its own effective range. This is the area in which the device is able to function optimally, resulting in protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) without weakening the signal of your electronics. The effective range is calculated using an algorithm, which can seem complex in nature. We’re here to help break this down further for better understanding.

What Is The Effective Range?

The effective range is essentially a sphere of protection from sources of EMR. When you and the source of the radiation are within that bubble, any biological effects are minimized.

In order for the Lifetune products to have the protective capabilities, it must be able to convert the electromagnetic field into a coherent form. However, we don’t want to lose the functionality of our electronics in the process. The Lifetune product creates a dominate counter field that is converts the wave forms from other sources of radiation, without interrupting the use of electronics.

Read a peer-reviewed study that shows the efficacy of the Lifetune product in converting the wave forms of EMR.

How Is It Calculated?

The effective range is calculated using a frequency of 4.9 GHz, which is the standard frequency of the waves or radiation emitted from Wi-Fi and 5G communication systems. The effectiveness of the Lifetune products is estimated based on the intensity of the field transformed into a coherent form, determining the range. Outside of the effective range, the density of the highly coherent field begins to decrease and, accordingly, the effectiveness of the Lifetune device decreases.

If you have been an Aires customer for a while, you may have noticed that we recently recalculated the effective ranges, resulting in a larger diameter of protection. This is because when originally calculated, we used a higher frequency, as was advertised as the maximum capability of 5G. However, this higher frequency has yet to be used in practiced and is not reflective of the real world application of 5G. While the Lifetune devices were created to be able to minimize the effects from the highest 5G frequencies, and are still capable of such, we believe that an adjusted number would give our customers more peace of mind when using our products as the recalculations are more applicable to their lived experiences.

Effective Ranges of Lifetune Devices


In our calculations, there is the most effective range (blue) and a highly effective range (green). The closer the Lifetune device is to the sources of radiation, the more effective it will be. For the best results, especially for those who are hypersensitive, the Lifetune device should be within the “blue zone” in comparison to both the source of radiation and your body.

Please note in the image above and the documents below, the effective range is calculated in meters. We have converted that to be represented as diameter measured in feet. We also have adjusted the ranges to be slightly smaller than the calculated number so that there is a buffer.

If you’d like to read the full calculations for each Lifetune device, please follow the links below. Here are the effective ranges of all of our Lifetune devices:

The Lifetune One – 19 foot diameter

The Lifetune Go – 32 foot diameter

The Lifetune Flex – 42 foot diameter

The Lifetune Zone – 93 foot diameter

The Lifetune Zone Max – 139 foot diameter

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