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Aires Tech Staff Picks : Our Favorite Products + Why

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Picking the right Aires products depends on your lifestyle. Each one has different benefits, and we love hearing the creative and unique ways the technology fits in with your daily life. While we love and use them all, here are our staff’s favorites! Millie, Content Strategist – Lifetune Device our-favorite-products-why “I love the Lifetune Device! I have one on all of the electronics I use on a daily basis, most importantly being my phone. On top of feeling protected, the one on my phone is a great conversation starter and a stepping stone for people who are new to the topic of EMF. When I’m out and about, I always get asked “what is that!?” and I love being able to share the knowledge with new people, as well as with my friends and family.” Cy, Affiliate Manager – Lifetune Mini our-favorite-products-why2 “My favorite product is definitely the Lifetune Mini because it’s versatile, plus it’s weatherproof. It works as an accessory that also doubles as an easy, go-to solution. I use it on my keys or on my backpack, and on a day-to-day basis, I’ll clip it on my belt loop with a carabiner clip. This is also the product I always recommend to my friends who may not know much about EMF, but it looks cool and is the perfect size.” Josh, CRO – Lifetune Personal our-favorite-products-why1 “My daily driver is the Aires Personal. The shape and slim profile combined with the powerful Aires silicon resonator chip make it my must-have pick. I find the Personal to be a great EDC solution and there are two ways, that I ensure I always have it on me. The first is in my wallet. The fold in the main pocket allowed the Personal to fit securely and snuggly without interfering with my cards. I carry this about 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time I use a MagSafe wallet on the back of my phone. This clever design is my choice when traveling, since the origami-like design tightly holds the Aires Personal in the main card slot, while conveniently attaching to my phone.” Kris, COO – Lifetune Room our-favorite-products-why21 “I co-created the Lifetune Room and was inspired through identifying a consumer need when I first started selling this technology almost 7 years ago. The idea behind this product is not only to provide you with home protection from surrounding EMFs but also to give you the convenience and comfort that this easy-to-use solution provides. Compared to alternative solutions out there, this unit is by far the most sensible, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing home EMF protection.”